How to Choose DevOps Consulting Company?

DevOps consulting services and customer-centricity

The Secrets of Choosing the Best DevOps Consulting Firm

Choosing a DevOps consulting firm is almost the same as choosing a software development company. You need to make sure your DevOps partner has all the skills, qualities, and competence in required technologies to solve your pain points.

While some factors remain common, you need to consider some unique points. Only then you can select quality DevOps consulting services. In this post, we will reveal the secrets that help you select the best DevOps partner for further successful cooperation.

Follow these tips to pick the right DevOps consulting service. This will ensure efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

Here’s s the first factor to consider.

Check Capabilities and Skills of DevOps Consulting Company

You should obviously join hands with a partner who excels in DevOps. So, the first thing to do is to check out the website of the DevOps consulting firm and analyze the portfolio and technology excellence. Some companies, for instance, work only with AWS or Azure, other companies offer multiple solutions without vendor lock-ins.

For instance, the website of a leading DevOps consulting firm, Alpacked, clearly tells you the services and technologies they specialize in. You will also find some other  things that tell you it’s a reliable consulting firm. Things like-

  • Service pages
  • Specializations
  • Information about the company and team
  • Customer feedback

Evaluating the websites of potential DevOps consulting firms is the first step towards choosing the right partner.

How About the Experience of Your DevOps Consulting Firm?

DevOps consulting firms staff characteristics

This is how a DevOps consultant might appear

Along with capabilities, you need to sign up with an experienced DevOps partner. You are someone who  know the ins and outs of DevOps, what works and what doesn’t, and all the intricacies. Here’s how you can determine the experience and expertise of any DevOps consulting company-

Look for recent Clients

Ask your shortlisted DevOps consulting services providers to give you a list of recent clients. You can then contact some of them via email and ask for feedback about their experience. If a consulting firm doesn’t readily agree to provide references (because of NDA or some other reasons), you can suggest to complete a test work.

Check Projects and Case Studies

Check out the past projects of the DevOps consulting firm. You may also find case studies provided by reputable consulting companies like Alpacked. The more proofs you get, the better is the reliability of the consultant.

Years of Operation

DevOps consulting firms that have years of experience will be a better choice over novice firms. However, experience without expertise is also not preferable. So, strike a balance between experience and expertise.

Find Out if Your DevOps Partner Specializes in Your Area

DevOps spans across a wide range of applications and services. So not all DevOps consulting firms will offer the same services.

For instance, let’s say you are looking for cloud migration services. Now, not all firms may have expertise or experience in the field. So, obviously, you will need to pick a partner that excels in your realm.

Alpacked DevOps consulting firm offers plenty of DevOps services including-

  • Cloud services
  • CI\CD
  • Container orchestration
  • Microservices development and re-design
  • Log management and monitoring
  • Serverless implementation
  • Managed DevOps services
  • Infrastructure as code

Go through the services, ask questions, and only then choose the consulting service that aligns with your needs.

Look for Recognitions and Certifications

Alpacked DevOps consulting firm

Look for partnerships with top brands to choose the best DevOps firm

Awards, recognitions, certificates – these are the things that increase trust in DevOps consulting firms. If you see a DevOps frim with awards from industry-recognized agencies, then surely it would be a good choice. You can also look for partnerships with big brands that show the efficiency of the firm.

Alpacked, for example, is a proud and certified partner of top brands like Shopify, DigitalOcean and AWS. This shows that you can work with a DevOps consultancy that is even recommended by top brands.

Working with a certified partner helps you enjoy quality applications and unmatched productivity.

Make Sure DevOps Consultancy Firm is “Customer-Centric”

DevOps consulting services and customer-centricity

Look for DevOps partners that understand your pain points

Being “customer-centric” is crucial for DevOps. In the first meeting with your DevOps partners, you should try to assess if they are really focused on the client.

DevOps consulting firm with a customer-centric approach will make all efforts to uncover all the bottlenecks of your IT infrastructure. They will listen intently to all your concerns, business needs and goals. If the DevOps consultants are too quick to offer “fit-all-the-sizes” solutions, consider it as a red flag.

The DevOps consultant you choose should also spend at least a week evaluating your processes (i.e. discovery stage of the project). Those hurrying to offer a solution is most probably interested in only making profits.

We hope you can now choose the best DevOps consulting firm successfully. Check out the services of alpacked devops company to enjoy cost-effective and quick solutions that align with your business needs.

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