How Your Organization Can Benefit from SASE Networking

How Your Organization Can Benefit from SASE Networking

If your organization relies on networks that are outside of its physical premises, whether to serve your customers or communicate with employees, your business is vulnerable to data loss.

Traditional network architecture is no match for the demands of modern, digital businesses that rely heavily on data being accessed from all over the world while maintaining control and security. This is where SASE networking can help.

What is SASE Networking?

How Your Organization Can Benefit from SASE Networking

Secure access service edge (SASE) is a type of network architecture that combines software-defined wide area networking (or SD-WAN) with security functions. These are delivered through a single platform by a cloud-based service vendor.

The traditional networking and security systems required remote users to connect via VPNs using a firewall on each device and at every location they logged in from. User authentication was performed through a centralized location, often causing delays and increasing system complexity, especially in large and fast-growing enterprises.

With SASE, users gain authentication through local security gateways, making it easy and quick to access any resources they might need. As a result, security is maintained while the process is significantly sped up.

Many companies are moving to SASE networking because of its numerous benefits, some of them being:

  • Reduced cost and complexity since network security is being provided from a single platform
  • More agility in data sharing and new product development without higher risk exposure
  • Improved operational performance through latency-optimized routing
  • Better security, as policies are equally enforced for all employees and all devices, wherever they may be located. SASE supports zero-trust networking that allows access based on a user, device and application, regardless of their location or IP address
  • Ease of use with consistent access experience for all users, whichever resources they might need
  • Automatized IT processes, with less tasks related to monitoring and maintenance
  • Centralized policy setting through cloud-based management platforms
  • Better regulatory compliance
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Is SASE the Right Choice for Your Organization?

If your team is partly or completely remote, or if your organization operates on various locations (such as retail shops, commercial chains or banks), cloud-based IT backend is the right choice. However, this route also carries a risk of security breaches and requires agile, yet secure systems of support. SASE offers a good solution for fast-changing companies that require high scalability, adaptability and security.

SASE would also be a good choice for enterprises whose resources are distributed globally, which goes beyond traditional measures and WANs.

Implementing SASE into Your Enterprise

Many companies choose to move to a hybrid approach first, which makes the full transition easier in the long run. In this scenario traditional security systems continue handling existing connections, while SASE is used to deal with new connections, users and devices. Over time the transition to SASE can be completed without disruptions with the help of an experienced vendor.

Quick and Secure Response to the Digital Transformation

With businesses increasingly relying on cloud-based resources, it is imperative to maintain secure yet agile systems of authentication and crisis control. SASE networking will allow your organization to quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace or within the company itself, while remaining efficient in addressing possible crises. With SASE, organizations have an opportunity to utilize new technologies without sacrificing security or ease of use for their employees.

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