4 Ways brands can create an unforgettable user experience for their e-commerce store


User experience is similar to serving people at a restaurant. A grumpy server will make the dining experience hell while a well-mannered server can turn a frustrating experience into a memorable one. When users visit a website, they are looking for something similar. An unforgettable experience that they can talk to their friends.

If your website is easy to navigate, they will come back again for more. However, if the users have to think about how to order on your website, this will increase frustration among your users. That’s why it is necessary to grasp some tips that can help you create an enjoyable experience for your users.

Understand the UX

If the website is not pleasing to the eyes, it will be challenging to expect users to keep browsing. They will leave the site without saying a word. Whether users are visiting for the first time or the users are your customers, everyone must experience something that will stick to them for long.

Apple is not just a brand. It is all about the experience. How does carrying an iPod make you feel? How does using its features make you feel? The same feeling is something that you need to create for your visitors on your website so that they can convert into customers.

It would help if you began by optimizing the website speed. You get 8 seconds to grab the attention of the users. Also, if your website doesn’t open in those 8 seconds, users will move away to some other site. Optimize your website for speed.

Responsiveness is not a secret anymore. If your website is not responsive, you are losing a lot. Whether it is a smartphone or a desktop your website must open and run smoothly on every single device.

Use call-to-action buttons on every page.  You cannot afford to miss a chance to grab users when they are willing to use your service. That is why it is necessary to user CTA buttons on every single page.

Consistent Branding is the key

Staying consistent with your branding is one sure-fire way to leave a long-term impact on users. Whether you are a startup or a professional website design agency, branding is something that needs to be consistent. A logo, an image or if you are using a character for your brand, you must integrate it on all your branding material.

What website owners miss is that they prefer to brand their website on one medium and ignore or don’t market the brand with the same consistency on another medium. This is where things start going down. When people cannot relate to the graphics or elements on your website with your brand name, it gets difficult to hold the attention of users. These visitors will find it difficult to relate your brand with the various elements on the website.

Use Emotions as tools

The fastest way to grab the attention of users is to make them emotional. Either you use pictures that are real, or you use images that send a loving message to visitors.

A word of advice is to use a video to steal the attention of users. Video is something that will hold the attention of users for the long-term. Invest some time, energy and money on creating short clips that revolve around solving the problem of your customers. Show how your product has helped other users and you can take the same advantage from your brand.

You can use social media to learn more about your users and understand their needs. Once you know what users want, you can use a landing pages and run Facebook ads to bring users to those landing pages. When the user is on a landing page it is quite easy to entice users to place an order from your website.

Use Social Proof as your Advantage

It is difficult to force users to buy from you. Unless you give them something, they can believe. When visitors come across positive feedback from other unknown users, they will surely create a perspective of your brand in their minds and their hearts. What you have to do is to show your visitors that since other people are using your brand, so it is safe for them to use it.

Social proof is something that enables people to believe in your brand when they are feeling confused. Please take all the testimonials and feedback that you’ve got from other users and place them on the front page on your website. This will help unknown users take a quick buying decisions.

Final Thoughts

For small businesses, it is quite overwhelming to grab the attention of users and establish a stable position in the market. That’s why the only way out what professional brands are already using is to user. Which means to grab the attention of users like they are using.

After reading the above blog, you should have an idea on how to keep the users coming back for more. It is not rocket science at all. You need to follow the tips mentioned above with some consistency and let the magic happen. Visitors will not just come to your website if you give them a memorable experience, they will refer your site to their friends and their family for sure.

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