Make better investment decisions with proper knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the crypto market

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It is known to all that the crypto market came into existence after the launch of the Bitcoin or the BTC back in 2009. Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency that was ever introduced and ever since its launch BTC has always remained the most popular, expensive and the best performing cryptocurrency in the entire market.

Why should you invest in cryptos in the first place?

If you were to rely on the reports, it has been noted that as early 2022, there were more than 10,000 crypto coins available in the market. With a market so huge it becomes really appealing for investors, as an investor you too should consider investing in cryptos. This market has the potential to provide higher return little time which is more the reason why you should consider investing in cryptos.

How to invest in cryptos?

Make better investment decisions
Investing in cryptos is easier than you probably think, all you need to do is to open a crypto wallet using a crypto trading platform and then you are all good to go with your investment journey. Once you purchase a crypto currency through your trading platform it gets credited in your crypto wallet and now all you need to do is simply keep a proper track of your portfolio and watch out for where your portfolio is headed, whether it is running in the red zone or in the green zone. This was all about what tracking crypto portfolio means.

Performance of the market over the years?

As mentioned earlier this market was launched not much before, just 13 years ago to be precise and it has done wonders that are overwhelming in this time span. If you attempt an analysis in the history of the prices of the crypto market you would come to know about how it has changed the demography of the entire industry over the years. This market has been growing ever since its launch which is the prime cause to why it has attracted most of its investors.

We talked about tracking a crypto portfolio and how the red zone and the green specify the status of your investment. Tracking a portfolio is important for one more purpose; tax calculation. By tracking your portfolio, you also ensure that the tax amount which you would have to pay would not take away most of your profit. The best way to track crypto portfolio is by using a platform that offers to track your portfolio for you and make better investment advice which would help you get the best out of your portfolio.

Binocs is one such platform you can consider choosing for the task. You simply need to integrate your wallet with Binocs and they would do the rest for you. Binocs does all the important investment related work for you from monitoring your portfolio and doing all the tax calculation to giving important advice which would help you make better investment decisions. Binocs is hence a one stop destination for all your crypto requirements.


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