5 Mindblowing Monochrome Email Design Inspirations That Will Make A Mark!

They say that looks don’t matter! The hell they do! And not just on people in your brand’s email designs too.

Color can affect a person’s psychology to a great degree, and you, as a marketer, can and surely should use that knowledge to your advantage. But does that mean you should go overboard with a burst of contrasting colors to deliver your message, or should you play with hues and shades of a specific color to render depth, meaning, and class to your email design?

While each has its own use cases, the crux of today’s blog will be on the former, also called the magic of monochromatic rendezvous (ok, we made that one up, but you get the drift!)

Let’s delve into the email offerings of five brands that have slayed in the game of creating emails dripping with awe-inspiring monochromatic rizz.

#1 Tempo


The subtle interplay of the shades of grey and black grows on the subscriber’s visual senses. As their eyes trace the sinewy texture of the model’s lean muscle and read the copy written in soft, easy-on-the-eye white, they find it hard not to make it till the end of the email and click on the CTA. An absolute beauty, we say!

#2 Graza


One look at this beautiful email, and you find yourself dreaming about verdant greens and healthy salads. Graza has used the magic of monochrome, and it’s clearly working!

The hero image focuses on a human hand sprinkling the final seasoning on fresh beans and cottage cheese culinary delight. As you make your way to the bottom of the email, the natural tint transition in the shades of olive and lemony green makes you crave some juicy greens and a bottle of the brand’s cooking oil! The white text in the hero image also stands out in a very soothing way.

Voila! Pretty smooth and suave, we say!

#3 Goldi


Goldi hits it out of the park with this brilliantly designed email that builds on the pixellated yellow and greens of the landscape on a white background. The interplay of the dance of yellow and green can be seen not only in the pictures but also in the CTA buttons, placed in the text, and in the brand colors towards the end of the emailer.

Feel free to take a leaf out of their book, people!

#4 Orangewood Guitars

Orangewood Guitars

Orangewood Guitars emailer sends out premium vibes with its tan and rosewood colored guitars propped across equally resplendent camel brown chairs. The uniform blocks of dark greyish-green background render an air of exclusivity and ensure that the focus is on the product, the handsome guitars!

The uniform use of white spaces between the blocks makes it scrollworthy and easy on the eye. You might want to bookmark this one for future monochromatic inspiration!

#5 Better Brand

Better Brand

Not many can resist food portraits, and those done tastefully work their magic on number of times better (pun totally intended!) Better Brand knows exactly what they are doing with this stellar use of tints of yellow and brown splattered tantalizingly across a bright red background that spells their passion for breakfast and good meals!

That tantalizingly brown slice of bagel, hovering over crispy bacon strips that are tender and juicy on the inside, a sunny side up omelet, a ready-to-melt-in-the-mouth slice of cheese, waiting to sit perfectly over that bagel base, makes our mouths water. Whilst we click on their CTA and get our hands on their recipes, we recommend that you scribble away some notes!

Wrapping Up

Woah! That was quite the visual treat! We are sure that the creative marketer in you must be itching to get started on building some awesome monochromatic MailChimp email templates for your brand as well. Need help with that? Our coding ninjas and super cool designers at Email Uplers can help you with customized email templates for your next email campaign. Hit us up now!

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