Mobile App Development Myths Debunked By Experts


In today’s world, a business cannot survive without having a digital platform presence and the best way to do so apart from having a website is through a mobile app. Smartphones are the fundamental base of the technological landscape, and if you know how to market using your smartphone, your product will sell. Creating an app for your corporation or business would help you not just promote and sell your products and services but also connect with consumers and users and create a bond.

However, there are several myths you would come across that might stop you from developing an app. To guide you, here are some of the mobile app development myths that are just ruining your chances of increasing traffic and engagement, hence, they should be debunked as soon as possible.

Having A Great Idea Is Enough



It is essential to have a great idea but knowing how to execute it and turn it successful is crucial too. Surely the idea you have come up with is a unique one, but is it really feasible? You might think your ideas will make you stand out but think, are they truly scalable, are they useful, and above all are they practical? If the idea is exclusive yet you cannot explain it to your consumers, then there would be no point in developing and launching the app.

For example, let us take Google Wave, which was supposed to be a communication tool. But the idea was so exclusive that consumers could not really understand what it was and thus it failed in the market and was taken off. Hence, even more than having a great idea, the idea should match consumers’ needs.

Mobile App Development Requires Just Coding

When you outsource through an app marketing agency, you would understand that there is a lot more to an app than just coding, not being able to market it properly, the app would ultimately fail in the market. Yes, understanding design, cross-coding, UX as well as the framework is essential but there is not everything. When developing an app, no matter its purpose, you have to know the latest market trends, and the app should be compatible with Android and iOS.

Having a strong team who communicates in every state leading to proper development is crucial. A sound strategy is mandatory.

At the same time, experts would be able to find new opportunities for you to gradually scale up. If there are more than a dozen applications in development, it`s necessary to automate work processes, and also an important part – A / B testing  – should be realized by professionals. On the global market, SplitMetrics can offer unique developments in this area. Their tool for out-of-store A/B testing experiments affect app listing optimization without risking to drop the conversion rate.

Huge Traffic From The Beginning

This is perhaps the biggest myth related to app development and launch. Do not think that developing, uploading, and launching the app means your job is done. Just like everything else, everyone needs to be informed about it so that they can take advantage of it because what users will see, they will be interested in.

Marketing is essential in making your app visible in the market. The Google Play Store since 2018 has almost 2.2 million apps, while the Apple Store has almost 2 million apps. This alone tells you that having a sound well-thought strategy is crucial to stand out because how you showcase your app is what will determine its success.

You cannot just reach the list of top 10 or top 50 apps among the 2 million ones if you do not come up with a unique marketing plan. Target social media, and use your company website and other digital platforms to increase traffic. Focus on creating a bond with the customer and use every possible channel towards marketing this app resulting in increased traffic.

Customers Will Use Your App On A Daily Basis After Downloading It

Your app might have millions of downloads, but it does not guarantee that it would lead to good engagement. Having active users is what matters at the end of the day and your app would only be reviewed positively if it has visitors regularly. Let’s say, you have several apps on your phone but let us be honest, do you use each of the apps every single day and that too multiple times? Not in that way, right? These apps are of no use mostly. As a result, your app cannot be termed successful if the millions of downloads do not turn into millions of active users.

Do not confuse usability with the features of your app. The feature is just one of the fancy factors of your app, but how the app would benefit the user is usability. Figure out what your customers’ requirements are and develop an app along that line because ultimately it would be benefits that would help your app rank higher and not always the features.

Trust experts when they say that having a well-structured marketing plan not only helps with efficient promotion but also reduces the marketing cost by a large margin. Word of mouth is the way to go, make sure you cover every promoting aspect like social media, email, review marketing, and others. In the end, these are some of the myths that you should avoid when drafting a strategy for mobile app development and marketing.

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