How musical accompaniment affects our productivity?


Have you ever noticed that sometimes your thoughts work more efficient when there is some movement around – when you are going by car, jogging, preparing your favorite dish in the kitchen or doing general house cleaning. A stream of thoughts is faster when there is a flow of energy. But what if you need to make the brain work intensively when the body is in a passive state – while studying, working in the office or any other monotonous work? Your rescue is in the music.

There are some interesting scientific facts about music and its impact on productivity.

Different songs suits different situations.

To increase performance, musical accompaniment should be an auxiliary factor, not distracting. On the first place is work, on the second is music. Calm or classical melodies can maintain the focus of attention for a long time and help in performing essential but routine tasks, while energetic or heavy compositions will add more energy and dynamics to you, and if the job requires you to be fully concentrated, best of all is to switch off the radio at all.

Music gives creative forces

People involved in creative professions (poets, journalists, designers, etc.) are very fond of working in cafes or free spaces. Such institutions very often have a light, sound background that creates a favorable atmosphere for the emergence of interesting thoughts, the cultivation of new ideas and the creation of masterpieces. People of art draw inspiration from melodic compositions, they subconsciously strain after cozy, beautiful, musical places.

Songs can сheer you up.

As it was already mentioned, listening to rhythmic sounds makes our brain produce more dopamine – a pleasure hormone that improves mood and makes us happier. This hormone is produced in different situations: when you eat your favorite dish, get a new subscriber on Twitter, find a new writing service to buy essay to buy essay for your study. The same is with favorite songs. Perhaps you have noticed that some musical tracks can boost your power if you need recharge your energy – especially if your work is mostly routine or requires less attention. It is convenient to arrange some music-breaks: the mood will improve, and you can start the work with new power. Happy people are 31% more productive.

Сalm rhythmic songs help to cope with the usual tasks.

Despite the fact that a sound interferes with the performance of tasks that require absolute attention, it helps in repetitive and monotonous habitual affairs. According to the author of the book “This is your brain by music” by Daniel Levitin, this can be explained due to the fact that with the usual tasks “it becomes easy to get bored, and favorite motives can raise your interest and help you become more attentive to work.” Also, the usual tasks do not require absolute attention, and there is a free thinking space.

The more famous for you are the songs, the less distraction you have.

Familiar songs also improve mood and brain activity more than unfamiliar. It turned out to be favorable to enjoy the same tracks again and again – even hard music, in this case, is not so distracting. Melody does not directly affect our productivity – it affects our mood and energy, which affect how productive we are. That’s why it is recommended, to play instrumental and slow music during the work: it helps to be more calm, conscious and concentrated.

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