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Though a cup of coffee signifies many things, it is the best way to begin the day, especially for coffee addicts. Podcasts save time as you can listen to them while going about your chores. Why not enjoy bliss with a hot and fresh brewing cup of coffee with an equally great podcast to begin your day? Here is a compilation of podcasts be it Rachel Maddow Podcast or Joey Diaz Podcast or another podcast to compliment your morning cup of coffee, that you must try not to miss!

Rachel Maddow Podcast

Current affairs to the latest news, Rachel Maddow works with unmatched energy and determination to connect the dots to simplify the complex world that we live in. The Rachel Maddow podcast is available every single weeknight, where she unabashedly reports news that is related to current affairs, political and legal news and how it affects the common man.

She demands transparency and accountability from the leaders and people responsible for the action. The Rachel Maddow Podcast is fair and balanced, sans the drama. Tune in every weeknight for your dose of reliable news reporting.

Joey Diaz Podcast

Jose Antonio Coco Diaz, popularly known as Joey Diaz, a professional comedian has been a part of many podcasts as a guest until he started hosting his own podcast – The Joey Diaz Podcast. He delved into the world of Podcasts in 2009 after trying his hand at short roles in podcast episodes. Please tune in to Joey Diaz Podcast every day for a fresh take on life and everything brewing in it, of course with a dash of comedy!

What better way to start delving into your coffee mug?

Meditation Oasis

Many people believe that meditation is a guided way to begin their day positively. Meditation oasis, hosted by Mary and Richard Maddux, is a podcast that many people choose to begin their day with. If you are someone new to meditation, it is highly recommended that you tune in to this show to explore meditation energetically. All it takes is a few minutes of guided meditation in the wee hours of the morning to begin your day on a positive note. It is a successful habit that many people swear by. Tune in to get into the zone.

The Brendan Show

The Brendan show is hosted by Brendan Burchard who is a successful high-performance coach, who has been a part of the success mantra of many achievers. If you are someone who is looking forward to kick-starting your day with a burst of energy, then this is one show you must not miss out on. Burchard’s delivery is power-packed and motivational. So, if at all you feel the need for that extra push and an extra boost of confidence, the Brendan show it is.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

As the podcast’s name itself, Oprah Winfrey brings her exemplary wisdom and conversational skills to this show which is dedicated to a wide range of topics, right from ego to values, faith to the purpose. What is interesting about this show is that Oprah interviews experts and celebrities from whom we can learn infinite lessons.

Great personalities like Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts, Gabrielle Union, Cheryl Strayed, etc. have been on her show and discussed a wide range of topics that had listeners glued to their ear pods throughout the entire session. Tune in for your share of awe and positivity.

The Coffee Podcast

Two coffee lovers, Jesse Hartman and Weston Peterson started this podcast to entertain coffee lovers with coffee talk. Their weekly podcasts throw light on remarkable individuals who are busy making waves in the coffee industry and how they went about doing so. With over 85 podcast episodes to their credit, they have a growing fan base of listeners. Tune in to the coffee podcast with your next cup of coffee.

Up First From NPR

If you are a coffee person, you will very well know that you need the news for the day with your first cup of coffee. This podcast summarizes all the essential news in 15 minutes while you sip your aromatic mug of coffee. It is a great podcast to listen to, even when you are doing your morning chores, running an errand or only drinking coffee. Short and precise, this podcast keeps you updated about the latest happenings and the current affairs.

This podcast has garnered many followers for its efficiency.

The Daily Podcast

For those who don’t want to skim the headlines of the news, The Daily Podcast gives you an in-depth report about all the latest happenings. The Daily by the New York Times is an excellent choice for those who have a long route to travel to work or run errands, or any part of your morning that takes between 20 and 45 minutes.

They cover the latest news and the broader topics giving us all the details, unlike the headlines or summaries of the more significant issues taking place.

Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast

If you are a person who enjoys stand up comedy, this podcast is for you. If you love to begin your day on a light note, for anything related to pop culture, politics, sports or news, this show is power-packed with everything to entertain you. Sip your coffee with Bill Burr to look at the lighter side of everything that is currently happening in the world while you are sipping coffee.

This podcast is famous for its comprehensive coverage and the ability of Bill Burr to incorporate a dash of comedy into even the most severe issues. Tune in for your share of laughter.

If you are a coffee lover and love to muse during your morning date with your favourite brew, then these are the top 8 podcasts recommended for you.

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