The 5 Best Trading Computers for 2020

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Remember when computers used to take up an entire wall? That’s how stock and currency traders used to predict trades – which made it not only impractical but expensive as well. Over time though computers got smaller and less expensive (thankfully). With the advent of laptops and faster personal internet speeds this made day trading capable of being performed anywhere. However due to their limitations using a desktop set up at home is still the preferred method of most traders. This is due to the fact that speedy Internet and more dependable RAM than a laptop can hold. Of course Internet and Ram aren’t the only requirements for in-depth trading. Your setup also needs to include:

  • Multi-Monitor Setup
  • Crisp Display
  • Optimal Configuration
  • Ample Hard Drive

These are all elements that laptops can handle, but are much easier performed by a desktop. If you want to know what the best trading desktops on the market right now, take a look at our top 5 below:

Best Trading Computers: 5 best picks


If you’re looking for the most powerful trading desktop ever look no further than the Falcon F-1 Blue Ice. Not only is it one of the best performing models, it’s also one of the most reliable. The specs don’t lie, this model utilizes the latest Intel X-Series Processor with up to 18 additional cores. If you’re at all worried about memory or space fret not; because this bad boy can hold over 1,000 GigaFLOPS! How does it do this you ask? Because it’s built with its own custom water cooling system! The Falcon F1 also has a solid super fast state drive and can hold up to 16 additional monitors. If you want a machine that’s guaranteed to handle all your day trading needs for years to come this is the machine for you.

#2 Acer Aspire Z24-890-UA91

This is one of the latest additions to Acer’s Aspire series and features the 9th generation Intel processor. It also has 6 cores which is perfect for advanced day trading. Not to mention 12GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD for system lag reduction and seamless performances. One of its only drawbacks is that it can’t support more than 3 displays as there’s no expansion slots for adding graphics cards. But for a sleek desktop that you can start trading with right out of the box you can’t go wrong with the 724-890-UA91 

#3 Dell i5676-A696Blu

For a desktop that allows additional graphics cards and thus more monitors that also won’t break the bank than Dell’s i5676-A696Blu may be for you! Despite it retailing for around the $900 mark it houses a pretty powerful AMD Ryzen 2700 processor and 16GB of RAM with and 1TB HDD. This is a great choice for either beginners or advanced traders as its system is pretty advanced and pricepoint pretty fair. Keep in mind though this dell will automatically choose between either running on an integrated or dedicated card – not both at once. So, if you want more monitors you’re going to need to pick up additional cards.

#4 ASUS V272UA-DS501T

Some serious traders want serious sized desktops to do their day trading. If you’re one of them then this 27” Asus desktop with infinity display was built for you. Not only does it offer a luxurious touchscreen to make even more for your day trading, it also has an Intel Core i5-8250U processor plus 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of HDD. It’s also multi-monitor compatible and adds a professional look to any space. 


If you want a desktop with 5.0GHz, the latest Intel processor, and 2TB SSD storage than the Falcon F-37GT is for you. And if that’s not enough  It can also handle an AMD or Intel Processor Chipset to fully customize your day trading experience. Additionally if you need more monitors on top of the additional monitors you already have, you’re in luck – because the F-37GT can support up to 12! Few desktops can perform this well and remain this stable with all it’s all incredible features.


Keep in mind an incredible setup a great trader does not make. However a trading computer that can be used right of the box is a savvy purchase for both novice and advanced traders alike.  Your choices may overwhelm you at first – especially because it seems technology is advancing quicker than ever. As long as you have a clear picture of what it is you want from a setup you can easily avoid confusion.

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