Predictive Maintenance – What It Is & Why It’s Important

Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance is essential in keeping your company’s machines and equipment in optimal condition. You can identify potential issues by monitoring them and logging data before they become significant problems. You can also fix any issues before they cause further damage.

Predictive Maintenance


What is Predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance or PdM is a process of identifying equipment that will fail shortly. It can be done using various methods, but sensor technology is one of the most common. Sensors monitor all activity within an equipment system and send data back to a central server where software algorithms analyze it. The program then predicts when an issue will occur and alerts managers to take preventative measures before it becomes critical—which means less downtime per year and increased productivity for your team!

Why is PdM Important?

  • Maintenance helps improve product quality.
  • It reduces downtime, which can lead to increased productivity and lower costs.
  • It improves customer satisfaction by reducing the frequency of outages and other problems that occur when equipment breaks down or malfunctions.

How Maintenance Works

Maintenance is a way of using data to predict when machines will break down. It can schedule maintenance and repairs, find the causes of problems and prevent them from happening again, and even reduce downtime.

Predictive maintenance collects historical information about your equipment, such as how long each piece has been running without incident or failure. It enables you to create an algorithm that uses this information to estimate when something will go wrong again on its own (or with some prompting).

PdM: Use Cases

Maintenance is a system that monitors and predicts equipment conditions so it can be prevented breakdowns.

Use cases include:

  • Preventative maintenance scans for wear and tear in machines, engines, transmissions, and other mechanical parts. It helps prevent downtime during scheduled maintenance periods. If the device doesn’t need to be taken out of service immediately, you’ll know there’s still some wear on it before you go through with another costly repair bill!
  • Pdm monitoring software allows businesses to monitor their assets remotely via a web browser or mobile device app (iOS/Android). It can also help identify areas where improvements could be made for increased efficiency – like adding more cooling fans if your server room overheats during peak hours when all other employees are working overtime.

By using PdM, companies can save money and improve the quality of their output.

Maintenance is a process that uses data analysis to predict failures before they occur. It may be used to save costs, enhance the quality of your output, and increase efficiency.

The main benefits are:

  • Reducing costs by preventing equipment failures before they occur.
  • Improving service quality and efficiency by reducing downtime due to equipment breakdowns or repairs.
  • Increasing uptime (the amount of time a machine runs uninterrupted) because you know when it needs servicing or repair, so there is no guesswork involved in deciding whether or not it’s worth doing maintenance.
  • Increasing safety because machines will always work correctly without any human input needed. It means fewer opportunities for mistakes, which could lead to accidents such as fires breaking out due to overheating machinery while being performed incorrectly without knowing what might happen next.


Predictive maintenance helps choose equipment and procedures. Data improves productivity and reduces downtime. It enables companies to compare their performance to others using comparable technologies and reveals which areas require improvement based on worldwide performance data (and sometimes even beyond).

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