React Native vs Flutter: Why React Always Wins?


Due to the developing prominence of mobile applications, pretty much every organization needs a mobile application to stay focused in the market and set a benchmark in the competitive landscape. What’s more, in addition, organizations are searching for an alternative to fabricate mobile applications, particularly for iOS and Android, with quicker speed and fewer resources. Clearly, Apple and Google have given local instruments and technologies to construct applications. iOS app developers can develop mobile apps using Xcode and Swift, while Android developers use Android Studio and Kotlin/Java. Be that as it may, this expects specialists to learn two totally diverse technologies in order to come up with a hybrid mobile app for their company. These days companies have begun to receive traverse the local answers for fabricating applications for the two iOS and Android quicker using a solitary language.

What’s Flutter and React Native?

React Native is an undertaking begun by Facebook inside which they publicly released in 2015. On the opposite side is Flutter, an undertaking begun by Google which they have been vigorously advancing since I/O 2017. Both of these innovations help mobile app developers create cross-platform applications quicker by using a solitary programming language. React Native is as of now a developed instrument and has an enormous network, however, Flutter likewise begun seeing gigantic reception rates since 2017. In this blog, we will look at every one of them utilizing ten criteria and understand whether you need to hire a react native app development company for the optimum functioning of your business or not.

Programming Language

The key advantage of using a cross-platform portable application development technology is the capacity to use a solitary programming language to create applications for the two iOS and Android.

React Native — JavaScript

React Native uses JavaScript to construct cross-platform applications. When you hire an app developer on react native you don’t have to worry about him specializing in a particular language as all that he needs to know is JavaScript. It is an extremely mainstream language in the web network right now. This is why many organizations are looking forward to hiring React Native App development company for their business operations.  It is regularly used to React and other prevalent JavaScript systems. On account of React Native, web developers can assemble mobile applications with a smidgen of preparing.

Flutter — Dart

Flutter uses Dart programming language which was presented by Google in 2011 and is once in a while used by engineers. Dart sentence structure is straightforward for JavaScript or Java developers. It’s difficult, to begin with, Dart as there is huge and simple-to-read documentation accessible on the official Dart site here.

Analysis and Result

As JavaScript is generally used by most web designers, it’s not difficult to embrace the React Native structure. The growth of react native app development companies throughout the globe is sole because of this. Dart likewise has an extraordinary list of capabilities yet it’s infrequently used and less known in the developer network. In a nutshell, if you are someone who is looking to build a stunning application for your business, start looking out for an app developer to React Native.

Developer Productivity

Developer efficiency is the way to building applications quicker and in the most efficient manner possible. In such a manner, it’s imperative to have the option to concentrate on mobile app development with no sort of distraction at all.

React Native

In the event that the app developer on React Native is gifted in JavaScript, it’s genuinely simple to use those abilities for cross-platform application development. React Native has a hot reload highlight which spares a great deal of engineer time while testing the adjustments in the UI. Regarding IDE support, engineers are allowed to use any content tool or IDE of their decision. This is biggest advantage of hiring a react native app development company for taking care of your business operations.


Flutter additionally has a hot reload highlight and it’s exceptionally simple to begin with the demo application. Be that as it may, as the multifaceted nature of applications develops, engineers would need to learn and receive the new Flutter ideas. What’s more, Dart is definitely not a typical programming language and there is an absence of help for it in numerous IDEs and content managers.

Analysis and Result

Being a full grown system, React Native has extraordinary engineer support as far as IDEs and language highlights. App developers on React Native have been found to be way more productive when compared to the ones using Flutter to build applications.

Network Support

When developers begin to demonstrate interest for an innovation and embrace it in their development procedure, they structure a network to share learning. A solid network causes designers to gain from one another and take care of the issues they are confronting. 

React Native

React Native propelled in 2015 and has picked up in fame from that point onward. As of late you see app developers on React Native in each and every corner of the world. There is a network of React Native engineers on GitHub and heaps of meetups and meetings around the globe. A standout among the latest meetings on React Native was React Native EU held in Poland, however there are meetups occurring in pretty much every significant city on the planet. When you look for a react native app development company for your business, do keep this in mind.


Flutter has been around for some time however it picked up a great deal of consideration when Google advanced it in the Google I/O meeting in 2017. The Flutter people group is developing quickly nowadays, meetups and meetings are occurring on the web. The greatest occasion coming will be Flutter Live in December. To put it plainly, the Flutter people group is developing quickly; yet, there are as yet insufficient assets for designers to illuminate regular issues.

Analysis and Result

The React Native people group and assets have developed in size since the structure was propelled. Flutter is still genuinely new, despite the fact that network support is developing quickly.

React Native and Flutter both have their upsides and downsides, yet React Native turned out as the champ in this match. If you want a stunning application for your business looks out to hire react native app development company for the same.

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