Removing The Potential Pitfalls Related To SEO Friendly Keywords To Use

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Whenever you are dealing with SEO, you have to head towards keywords and key phrases and choosing the best one among the lot. It is true to state that there are some pitfalls available whenever the main concern is with keywords. You have to remove the potential pitfalls from the SEO based keywords, just for the sake of improving its usage and values to a great extent. There are multiple vanity keywords that you care to remove along with some of the other alternative uses at the same time. To know more about the pitfalls to remove, some of the points mentioned below will be of great help in this regard for sure. You can catch up with the angularjs SEO experts to know more about these ways for sure.

Remove some of the vanity keywords:

You might have heard about the term vanity keywords, and those have to be removed ASAP. These are mainly defined to be the one word keywords, which are generally used for describing what you are actually selling or posting.

  • An example might help you understand the real meaning behind vanity keywords over here. In case, you are running one political campaign, some terms like senator, politics and election are not even worth buying in PPC environment.
  • Along with that, unless you have a well functional and worthy marketing department with money, it might be quite difficult for you to bid enough to have the search results rank higher against some of the larger corporations. Instead, you might end up getting better values by targeting the keywords like NY Senator over Senator.
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Avoid focusing on one word keywords:

If you search through the keyword planning tools, there are very few one word keywords available and those are because of their lesser uses among people, mainly businesses these days. Even if these terms might seem obscure, most of the people use over 1 word for finding out results in the search engines. So, if your keywords are of a single word, chances are high that people are not going to find you that often.

Qualifying keywords which are otherwise broad:

Make sure to test multiple words along with the sentences and key phrases to increase the present targeted nature of the set keywords over here. Say, for example, “nature” is often considered to be far too broad but “nature hike along with the name of a place” will definitely help in adding values to the said keywords, to name a few.

Avoid too specified keywords:

If you have done your research proficiently and even after that the long tail keywords are getting horrible page ranks, it must not be used for any of the PPC ads at all. It is not quite a good choice for addressing any Meta description, image name, article title or even the URL.

Always remember to follow these points and get to the result whenever you are dealing with SEO based keywords. You better avoid these pitfalls once and for all.

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