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Discover how ERPs, CRMs, and custom CMS platforms optimize operations, streamline workflows, and drive growth. These reviews provide insights into these companies’ expertise and services, guiding you in choosing the right partner for your digital transformation journey.

Join us as we explore how advanced technologies and tailored software solutions are reshaping the business landscape. Stay tuned for concise reviews that help you make informed decisions when selecting a software development company aligned with your goals.

IKONIC: Software Development Company

IKONIC is a software development company headquartered in Miami that has been trusted by a multitude of businesses all over the USA. They are experts at finding scalable automation solutions that are not only easy to deploy but also pocket friendly. Ensuring the customer goals’ success IKONIC software developers coin the software solutions employing the best technology stacks.

Why hire IKONIC as a software vendor?

IKONIC is the only software house with a roster of industry specialists that also happens to be blessed with multiple tech stacks. Making software solutions that are low-cost and highly productive for their customers. They have over a decade of experience in providing the automation solutions for real estate, and hospitality and in developing various eCommerce solutions.

Being the industry specialists they can easily conceive ideas that fit your unique business needs. The best thing about IKONIC according to their customers is that they don’t force you to graduate to new systems but they optimize your current systems in a way that helps you save costs.

IKONIC Developer’s Tech Stacks

IKONIC is a software development powerhouse that is capable to work in all the prominent tech stacks. Ranging from MERN, MEAN to LAMP their developers are led by industry specialists with tech geeks working for them. Be it the development from scratch to enhancing the active software solutions IKONIC delivers the best software development services to their clientele.

Location: Miami, Florida.

Employees: 100+

Founded in: 2015

Imaginary Cloud:

Imaginary Cloud offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at product ideation, development, and improvement. With a keen focus on cutting-edge technologies and user-centric design, it aims to deliver exceptional results.

Product ideation services provided by the website stand out through well-structured scoping sessions, allowing clients to define and refine their concepts. The product development process encompasses web and mobile development, harnessing the power of React, Next.JS, Angular, React Native, Flutter, and other advanced frameworks. The inclusion of artificial intelligence amplifies the potential for innovation and efficiency.

Furthermore, Imaginary Cloud excels in UX/UI design, ensuring visually appealing and intuitive interfaces. Clients can benefit from code audits and UX audits, enabling them to enhance their existing products and optimize their performance. The tech stack employed, comprising React, Next.JS, Angular, React Native, Flutter, Node, Python, Rails, Django, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, demonstrates a commitment to leveraging industry-leading tools and platforms.


SCNSOFT is a highly skilled and versatile team, comprising a range of experts including web and mobile developers, system and integration architects, cloud specialists, QA engineers, security professionals, DevOps engineers, and data scientists. This diverse and experienced workforce allows SCNSOFT to provide comprehensive solutions across various domains.

One remarkable aspect of SCNSOFT is its strong client base, with 76% of the company’s revenue derived from long-standing clients who have been served for over a year. This loyalty is a testament to the company’s commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. SCNSOFT truly values its clients and goes the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.

A key strength of SCNSOFT lies in its efficient process management system, which enables the realization of quality-assured projects within strict deadlines and budget constraints. Whether it’s meticulously planned projects or those with a high degree of uncertainty, SCNSOFT excels in delivering successful outcomes. Their adaptability and versatility allow them to tackle projects of varying complexity with confidence.

SCNSOFT’s ability to navigate both detailed and strictly controlled project plans showcases its meticulous approach to project management. Moreover, their expertise extends to projects with inherent uncertainties, demonstrating their agility and problem-solving capabilities. This adaptability positions SCNSOFT as a reliable and capable partner for businesses across industries.

Location: Texas, USA.

Employees: 100+

Founded in: 1989


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