How to start a computer sales and service business in india

In every Household in India today you can find a Desktop pc Or laptop. once laptops and Pcs were only used in conducting businesses or by science labs or Schools and Universities. Now It is like a necessity just like air , water and Food.

The Indian Hardware Industry is Worth rs. 15.8 billion and is Major contributor in Indian Gdp. Every year 12.58 units of Laptop and Desktop Pcs Are sold in India. Check out the best options for LLC services if you want to start your own hardware business. Which makes Starting your own computer sales and service business in india very profitable and very advantageous.

But How can you start your own computer sales and service business in india? , What are the requirements to start this kind of Business and What legal requirements do you need to start a Computer Sales and Repair Business?

Before We Jump Into how you can start your own Computer sales and service Business, I would like to tell you that You need to have Chip Level , hardware level and Software level Training. You can Take a Course online  or you can join any Hardware training Institute . you need to have good level of Experience with repairing Computers and Laptops then Only you should Go ahead with this Business.

Now when if you have Training and Required knowledge you can go ahead with this business.So Here are The steps That you need to take to Start a computer sales and service business in india.

Identify Your skills and Coordinate them with market

You Need to Identify which service you can give in A better way to the client. For example If You are good at Assembling a Pc then You can provide assembling Services to The Customers, If you are good at repairing laptops then you can provide laptop repair servicces , If you have good sense of customer service and You can communicate better with people , you can start a sales Services and if you are good with softwares , you can start software sales services or you can give software support via remote desktop as virtual assistant. When you make sound choice of your expertise , it will be easier for you to conduct this business and win more clients.

Study the market or carry market research using Internet , books and Journals.

You can visit the computer shops in your local market and Observe how they work or you can ask the owner for the advice or you can conduct research on the internet by visiting Any Technology or Computer Related websites, You can read journal and surveys that are Published by the government or University or Research company or computer Magazines.

Get Business Registration

Now that You have done market research and know which service you can give to People . You should Get Business Registration Done. For this All you have to Do is Make a choice of Business entity that you will adapt as Business model . You can choose to register Sole Proprietorship, Private Limited Company, Limited Liability partnership, partnership firm , One person Company etc. For The Computer sales and Service business it is highly recommended to operate business as a Pvt Ltd Company Registration or Partnership. After You have made choice of business entity , you should approach a legal Service provider or Ca, Cs and Icwa Firm to get Business registration . The Documents that you require are Pan Card , Aadhar Card , Driving License , Voter id , Rent Agreement, Address Proof etc.

Shop act License and Gst Registration

You need to Also Get a Shop act License within 30 days of Commencing the business as it is necessary to get this license as without it your business will not be considered as Legal and you need GST Registration as well because In India if anyone is Making any sale and giving services they are required to file Gst returns. You can approach a legal service or consultant in this matter.

Make strategy for marketing and Hire staff

You can market your business online or give ads in Newspaper,  tv or radio. For Computer and Sales business it is advisable you go Social media Marketing and online Marketing . For hiring staff you can take Help of a Human Resource Consultant .


Computer sales and service Business in India is a very fast growing business. It has Potential to give high growth.In Order  To succeed in This business after you commence your business , you need to be constantly  stay updated  with the  latest technology and recent development  and Make good customer service your priority.