The Best Free Youtube To Mp3 Downloader On The Web

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People love to listen to music and watch videos from different sources and one of the most popular sources for watching videos is YouTube. There are many browser extensions and software available, which users can use to download the videos. The problem is that these have to be installed and update regularly. Youtubnow is a service in which users just have to enter the URL of the video and it will be downloaded.

Youtubnow service is now available which users can use to download the videos whether they are in home, office, or traveling. Besides downloading videos, users also have the option of downloading MP3 from the videos.YouTubNow is one of the best YouTube Downloader Service

Features of Youtubnow

There are many features, which have made this service popular among the people. Some of these features have been described here.

Multiple format support

Users have the option of downloading the video in various formats. The video is the quality of the video will degrade or upgrade as per the chosen format. If the user wants only audio, he can choose the audio format and it will be downloaded. The video format it supports includes mp4 and audio formats are mp3 and WebM.

Number of downloads is unlimited

Users can download any number of videos and audios from the service as there is no restriction on the number.

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The download speed is good

The speed of download depends on internet speed. If the speed is good, videos and audios can be downloaded within seconds. The speed also depends on the size of the audio and video.

Browser support

The website of the service can be easily opened in all the modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. So if the user has any of them, he can use the service to download the videos and audios.


All the YouTube videos have ads but when a user downloads a video, the ads are not downloaded. SO users can watch ads free videos after download.

Legality of downloading the videos

Some of the videos have copyright and the person who has taken the copyright may raise the issue if the video is downloaded without his consent. If the user is downloading the video for his use, it can be termed as ok. As per the terms of service for YouTube, a user cannot download a video unless he sees a download option.

YouTube also runs ads as the downloading of the videos from YouTube while being offline is expensive for Google as it has to pay the money. The person to whom the video belongs also has to pay the money.

Wrapping up

Youtubnow is a service, which users can use to download videos from YouTube without any hassle. There is no restriction on the number of videos so users can download any number of audios and videos of their choice in a day. Users have to be cautious about the videos and the audios, which have copyright as they can face a problem if the owner raises the issue.

Enjoy downloading videos though Youtubnow from the largest library of videos, The YouTube.

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