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With 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the largest online video sharing platform to reach your audience. YouTube offers you the opportunity to reach billions of people out there who just might be interested in your content, no matter if you’re doing DIY stuff, sharing recipes, or entertaining people with funny videos.

The platform has even become a steady career for a lot of people, thanks to the monetization feature whereby YouTube shares a percentage of the money earned through the videos with the creators. YouTube’s ‘like’ feature is one of the crucial factors that determine the reach of your videos. If you can just understand the working and algorithm of the platform, you can get your content to like-minded people and gain thousands of likes.

However, getting viewers to like your videos can be challenging, especially for newbie YouTubers. But like everything else, if you put a little effort into it and follow the tips given below, your hard work will bear fruit in no time.

Remind Your Viewers to Like Your Video

This is the easiest and most obvious tip for getting more likes, but it works. A lot of the time, viewers are so busy watching the videos that they actually forget to hit the like button. Consider reminding them to tap on the like button within the video or place a reminder text in there to encourage them to press the thumbs up button.

Second, you can even briefly explain to them why they should like the video. Reasoning can help your viewers understand why likes are essential. Saying something as simple as “don’t forget to like this video, so I can make more such videos” can do the trick.

Create Engaging Content

YouTube already has a billion videos on it, and a staggering 500 hours of videos are uploaded to the platform every minute. With such clutter and competition out there, what would make your video worthy of watching? Well, nothing can stop you from getting likes on your videos if you are an authority in your niche and creating highly interesting and engaging content.

Depending on your niche, you can create highly educational videos, especially for visual learners. Or if acting is your skill, you could up the ante by making videos that are entertaining enough to make your audience laugh. Answering the questions of your followers and interacting with them can also increase your likelihood of getting more likes.

Promote! Promote! Promote!

If you want to build an online influence, it’s important to experiment with other platforms too. There are many different social media networks where you can share your content with a link back to your YouTube channel. Even on YouTube itself, you can collaborate with other creators to promote your video and pile up likes. Things like cross-video promotion and optimized video titles are bound to get you more likes and views.

Next, consider sharing your YouTube videos on Instagram and Twitter! Give your followers a reason to follow you on YouTube and like your videos. Making announcements and uploading trailers of your upcoming videos to Facebook and Instagram can also do the trick. In your announcement, be sure to tell your followers to head over to your YouTube channel on a given date to watch your video. Developing of the most successful advertising campaign can be entrusted to professionals like Viboom.

Furthermore, blogging can also help you get likes on your YouTube videos. It allows you to share your videos within your blog posts while keeping readers interested. Since the videos are hosted on YouTube, the likes you get on your videos from blogging will be counted towards the video on YouTube.

Get Quick Organic Likes

Getting help from external services to increase your likes is an excellent way to get the badly required initial boost. Services like can give you the support you need. For a small amount of money, they will help you reach your goal. All YouTube likes provided by this service are organic and safe, so say goodbye to bots pulling you down.

When you have gathered enough likes, YouTube’s algorithm will automatically start promoting your videos. Whether you’re a beginner or a famous YouTuber already, is a great way to promote your content.

These tips might make you feel overwhelmed, but there’s nothing you can’t do with a little planning and strategy. Keep your content consistent and simple. If you get tired of your niche, try experimenting with other topics. Follow these tips, and you’ll reach your goal in no time!

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