Things You Should Start Doing From Your Mobile Instead of Your Computer

Things You Should Start Doing From Your Mobile Instead of Your Computer

Computers have changed our lives, making it easier to communicate, work, play, shop, and stay entertained. Smartphones have had a similar effect, allowing us to do all of those things on the go.

Computers are still useful for many things, particularly when doing complex tasks like video or photo editing, programming, or other work-related tasks. For many other things though, smartphones often provide a better solution.

Here are some of the things that you should consider doing on your mobile device instead of your PC.


Being able to check statements, transfer money and perform other important tasks without having to visit a physical branch has made it much easier for us all to manage our money.

There are inherent security risks when using online banking though. For example, viruses and other malware could be used to read your passwords so that someone else can access your account later.

Using your bank’s official mobile app can often be more secure. Mobile devices are typically less prone to malware and the apps themselves take care of much of the security for you.

Banking from your phone also means you can check your balance from wherever you are, which can be handy when you’re out shopping and you want to see whether you have enough money for a particular purchase.


There are certain advantages to playing games on a computer. They usually offer better graphics and can contain more features; however, many of the most mobile games have closed the gap significantly. For example, Call of Duty: Mobile offers a near console-level experience even when run from mid-range smartphones.

Mobile gaming has several advantages over PC gaming though. The most obvious is that it is portable, giving you the freedom to play your games where and whenever you want. It’s also cheaper as a gaming PC can cost thousands, while you likely already own a smartphone capable of running most games.

Many games also allow cross-platform play, meaning you can switch between different devices. This lets you enjoy the benefits of both, you have the flexibility and freedom of playing on your mobile and the larger screen and improved graphics of a computer.

You’ll find cross-platform games in many genres. Most online poker sites allow you to play on either device, while Fortnite lets its users play against their friends on different platforms.


Ecommerce sites were some of the first to react when smartphones started to become mainstream devices. Many companies like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Asos now make it very easy for you to buy from your mobile device.

This is often more convenient than loading up your laptop and navigating to the brand’s website as you can simply open up the app, where you’ll already be logged in and have access to personalised recommendations.

Additionally, shopping from your smartphones means you have the ability to compare prices while you’re in a physical shop. For example, if you find a video game you’d like to buy, you can use the Amazon app to scan the barcode and see how much it is available for online. If it’s cheaper, you can buy it right from your smartphone and have it delivered the next day.

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