How to Find the RTP of a Slot Machine?

As you play several slot machines, you may come across some confusing terms that are key in gameplay. For this guide, we will explore some of these terms and their importance. Return to Player and House edge are common terms in both online slots and land-based casinos. Return to player (RTP) refers to a percentage or fraction of all the wagered money in a slot machine that a player will get back over time. In some slots, the RTP changes during bonus rounds or with different bet amounts.

On the other hand, House edge is the percentage that a kasyno neosurf casino machine should retain as profits on a particular game. It is vital to know the percentage of the house edge in a given game before placing your bets. This will give you a flash of whether you expect huge or lower returns in that game. The main factor behind the thriving business of casinos in the world is the house edge. When players are ignorant of these two terms they are likely to lose a huge amount of money in a casino. Generally, the RTP is just the opposite of the house edge. To understand this concept, we can look at the RTP and House edge of Achilles Deluxe slot. The theoretical RTP of this slot game is 97.00%, which means you can win $97 over several games from an original win of $100. On the flip side, Achilles Deluxe slot machine will keep 3% as profits.


How to Find the RTP of a Slot Machine?

Now that you are familiar with the main terms that are significant in gambling let’s figure out how to find the RTP of a slot machine. Most games in the casino have a theoretical RTP rate and house edge from existing statistics. However, a Poker game is a unique case when you play against another player. In this case, the casino will charge a fee for hosting the game instead of relying on the house edge. The RTP comes in play when you play against the slot machine.

Online Slots

You can easily find the return to player rates of an online slot by a mere search on the internet. However, there are challenges with the RTP rates which you find on the internet. For instance, the RTP rate you find in your search might be coming from an advert of the particular casino hence unofficial. You will find articles that analyze the top ten highest-paying slots in the market or from a specific game provider. You can calculate the RTP rate of a slot machine to avoid being misled by online articles and advertisements.

The easiest way to calculate the RTP rate is by using the total payout versus the total bet amount as follows.

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Return to Player =  x 100.

The data may be from your monthly spending on a slot machine versus your payouts. Besides, this rate is invariable and may change from time to time. In the UK, game operators have the mandate to evaluate the RTP rates of their slot machines regularly by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. These performance tests aim at revealing whether there are any changes in the RTP rate of a particular slot machine. These changes might be resulting from the introduction of secret codes, software updates, or errors in the slot operation.

To get the Actual RTP rate, you can use the formula below:

Actual RTP =  x 100.

There might be a difference between the theoretical RTP you find on the internet and the actual RTP rates of online slots.

Land-Based Casinos

As opposed to online slots, it is hard to find the RTP rates of land-based slot machines on the internet. Brick-and-mortar casinos do not offer uniform RTP rates for their slots. The casino operators have the freedom to pick the RTP rate of a slot machine from available developer options. It is a hard task to calculate the volatility index of a land-based slot machine since they have irregular patterns of payouts. For instance, the RTP of Nickel slot machines ranges from 91% to 94% while that of $5 slot machines range between 95% and 97%. To find the RTP rate of land-based slot machines you can check out periodic state gaming reports. A good example is the report by the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore on the Technical Standards for Electronic Gaming Machines.

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Alternatively, you can contact the casino customer support team and inquire about the RTP rate of the particular slot machine. This method is not reliable since the customer support might not reveal the exact rate or nothing at all.


It is important to find the RTP rate of a slot machine before betting on your hard-earned money. However, do not rely on the theoretical RTPs since they might mislead you to play a slot machine with a huge house edge. Remember, there is no guarantee of winning in a slot machine; hence you must consider other significant factors.