Trustworthy Psychic Readings – What to Look For in a Qualified Psychic

Trustworthy Psychic Readings

If you found this article, it may be because you have had a psychic reading and are uncertain about its accuracy. Perhaps you had a nagging feeling that what you heard sounded too good to be true and needed to do some research about psychics and how accurate they are, or maybe you were thinking about getting a psychic reading and decided since the internet is often your first step when looking for information on any topic, you did research into how reliable they are.

Trustworthy Psychic Readings

If you are new to getting psychic readings, most likely you found a website with hundreds or thousands of advisers waiting for your call. When you’re in need of insight or want to find out what your love’s doing when you’re not around, it comes with the territory of using a certain number of large websites that offer psychic readings. They might offer some free time to get you started on your first call, and you’re off. You call one or two to see what they have to say, and astonishingly, they said very similar things. Your initial reaction is to think that there might be something to it. How could two psychic readers say the same thing?

There are no excuses for a psychic adviser to spin tales of false hope. A psychic adviser may pretend not to, but it is your responsibility to make sure you pick a trustworthy and ethical adviser from the beginning. One who has talent, integrity and would never mislead you or purposefully lie to you. Unfortunately, some people are encountering this and then becoming angry. At the end of the day, the truth will be known about your situation and that you’ve been lied to. It’s seldom a pleasant realization to find out that psychics on huge networks are usually “imitation” standards.

You want to research before you call a psychic for the first time. It is easier to do this by seeking out “real psychic readings” or “authentic psychic readings” online and reading reviews. In your search for a top psychic in the area, also formulate what you need answers to. This way, you’re more likely to find someone who can answer your questions. So many people have been disillusioned with psychics because of this imitation standard, and this hurts the real ones. And there are real ones.

So, be prepared to do this by keeping in mind these facts and making sure you are not helping your psychic sell you something that is unreal. It can be so easy to do, and you might not even realize it’s happening. Especially involving matters of the heart, which 90% of readings are about. And when matters of the heart are involved, pain may result from believing in fabricated stories. 

Some Clues That You May Be Dealing With A Fake Psychic:

  1. You know nothing about the reader or adviser before you call them, and they claim to be able to tell you intimate details about yourself right off the bat. This is very common in psychic readings that are free for new customers.
  2. They have a list of qualities they say everyone has, but can’t tell you what it is and how they figure it out. If a psychic asks any questions at all, it’s because most people who come to get readings are going through some kind of difficult situation and don’t tend to want to talk much until they’ve gotten answers from their adviser, so psychics need some way of getting started. However, if your reading starts this way and then goes no further than that, there’s a chance you may be dealing with a fake psychic.
  3. They ask you to choose a tarot card from the deck when they have not told you what style of reading it is or how the cards work in any methodical way at all. A reader should go into great detail about all aspects of how he reads, especially if he understands your background and religious beliefs. If he doesn’t mention this, then it’s very likely you’ll get an inaccurate reading because of him not knowing anything about your history or culture prior to calling you up for interactive reading. He should also give detailed explanations on choosing cards before, during, and after readings so that everything makes sense and there are no surprises.
  4. Your psychic gives vague descriptions of your past, present, and especially the future. This is a clear sign of deception and shallowness in reading ability. Click here to read the full article.
  5. Your psychic says you’re going to be rich soon, but gives no details on how that will happen or what it has to do with your life. This is likely one story being spun after another, as most false psychics are known for doing. The reason they don’t answer your questions maybe because their answers never really make sense or have meaning at all!
  6. Your adviser says something is “intuition” but cannot give a basic explanation of what intuition is (IE: a gut feeling). Intuition has been used by readers for years as an excuse to avoid providing details about the future that may make them look bad if things go wrong in your life as a result of their advice or predictions. Beware though if your reader pushes intuition without being able to explain it in detail because this might mean there’s something to hide. A genuine reader should be prepared for all questions you may ask, and any adviser worth his title will know how to answer them gracefully and convincingly.

If you are not sure or looking for a good psychic to talk to, always call the phone number back and request that they put in writing what your reading will consist of, so you can see if it’s worth your while. A legitimate adviser will never mind answering this question because it shows their serious commitment to providing accurate readings.

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