What Do Seasoned Crypto Traders Look for in A Trading Platform?

What Is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

If there are cryptocurrency traders who really know what they want, these are professional ones. On the other hand, no matter how sure they are about their crypto trading platform needs, there are times that they will not get what they need. But the good news is that they have their ways on how to get it.

There are plenty of crypto trading platforms to choose from. As a beginner, you might be curious about what these professional traders look for in a trading software. To end your curiosity, take a look at the following qualities that pro traders look for.

Complete Control

When choosing a crypto trading software, it is essential for you that you have control over it. Make sure to go for a platform that comes with plenty of leverage options. By doing so, it’s a lot easier for you to find which levels are ideal for your trading strategy.

For example, look for a platform that allows you to margin trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple up to 25 times leverage. In case you wish to turn it up a notch, it will then let you trade Bitcoin CFDs up to 100 times leverage.

You just need to be free and take control. You should supercharge your crypto trades with extra power. Besides, the user-interface should be built to satisfy both the new and seasoned traders.

API Trading

With Application Programming Interface or API, two pieces of software are allowed to talk to each other. When it comes to trading, it can be utilized for connecting a crypto trading software to a crypto exchange. That way, you can trade through an exchange while using an interface based on your need.

Be aware that there are types of trading that cannot be performed in an exchange interface. But, thanks to API trading, advanced traders can do what they want. It lets you use algorithm models as part of the trading strategy. Not only that, but you are also allowed to perform a high-frequency trading.

Since API trading gives you more control over the trades, you can have higher control degrees over the orders options like conditional orders.

Below are other key benefits of API trading from a popular online system:

  • Decreases latency while boosting trading performance, making it ideal for high-frequency API traders.
  • Real-time market data delivery despite volatile swings
  • The processing times come with improved predictability so that you can maximize your potential profits
  • More timely and accurate reaction to crypto market changes
  • We-improved privacy


Both professional and newbie traders take security seriously. You take extra effort just to keep all your trades safe. To ensure complete security, you can go for a platform that have stringent AML and KYC procedures to ensure legitimate activities.

  • Asset Protection

For maximum protection, the trading platform should keep all the client’s assets in the cold storage. There must be hardware security modules with a rating of FIBS PUB140 Level 3 or even higher. Your private key should be managed, stored, and generated by HSM.

A multi-signature technology is also an interesting feature as it transfers a fund our of cold storage. To speed up the withdrawals, a multi-party computation is a good add on. That way, you can have timely withdrawals while staying secure.

  • Account Protection

To complete significant actions, 2FA is an incredible security feature. This will protect your data whenever you need to reset the password, withdraw crypto and even register a new withdrawal blockchain.

The platform should also have a security feature that protects your account by simply initiating a cooling period with account feature changes. That way, you can prevent attackers from taking control of your account.

Now that you know the qualities of a trading platform that pro traders look for, it’s a lot easier for you to the one that will also help you with your trading style and strategy.

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