Helping Smart Ideas & Brilliant Games Hit The Market – Role Of Game Seer Venture Partners In The World Of Video Games


Technology is reshaping the world in ways no one ever saw coming. E-commerce boom, extensive automation in the manufacturing sector, soft robotics, advanced medical treatments, and smart home systems are the tech-powered tools that are changing the way the world functions. From the retail sector to the automotive industry, and from healthcare to hospitality, every industry is under the strong influence of technology.

Another industry that is significantly benefitting from this technological advancement is the gaming industry, a sector that is set to reach 180,1 billion USD by 2021. From Super Mario of 1985, Grand Theft Auto of 1997, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and SoulCalibur of 1998, to Red Dead Redemption 2 of 2018 and Death Stranding of 2020, the gaming sector is under a continuous evolution, thanks to brilliant gamer brains.

While both technology and smart gaming ideas work together to create wonders, they are not enough for a game developer to hit the market and create hype among the gaming fanatics. Funding is a crucial aspect, without which introducing a new game in the market becomes impossible. Due to lack of funding, many brilliant ideas are lost, and gaming enthusiasts are deprived of several masterpieces.

Fortunately, things are changing for intelligent game developers; how? There is one answer – Game Seer Venture Partners. Founded on July 5th, 2019, this company has been established for the gamers by the gamers. With a tagline, “cash is better with a brain,” this company has come into the market as a blessing for aspiring game developers.

Game Seer Venture Partners, based in Aschaffenburg, Germany, is helping developers find adequate funding for their brilliant game concepts and ideas. Acquiring funding is, without any doubt, the most difficult phase of the entire game development process. While making a unique and addictive game is a challenge, attracting investors is where smart game developers lose the race. Game Seer Venture Partners is ramping up things for the gaming industry.

Preserving Brilliant Game Ideas – Maintaining Hype in the Gaming Industry

New and innovative game is what keeps the ever-growing gaming industry alive and thriving. Hundreds of gaming fanatics design fantastic games, but the phase of finding funds ruins their plans. It prevents smart game concepts from entering the marketing, thus depriving the gamers to experience the best games.

The team of Game Seer Venture comprises of basement-dwelling teens, including Mikel, the founder, Vernizeau Bertrand, the CEO and investment partner, and Oliver, the head of communications. The company crushes the norms of investment through traditional banks, family offices, or any other financial institute. Besides being developer-friendly, this company helps game developers set up scalable businesses.

At the initial stage, Game Seer invested in the creation and release of The Waylanders, a role-playing game. It co-financed the project with an agreement of a small share in the profits if the game turned out to be a hit.

The target of this company was to invest money into multiplatform licenses of PC and console games from the core segment as well as innovative indie productions. The team has been established with an aim to invest the $11.1 million over the next three years. It also expects to fund at least three to four projects in one year.

The video games investment fund helped Breaking Walls raise $1.75 million in April 2020 to launch an animal-survival game. It has provided this game developer funding in the form of venture debt. In addition to this, it also assisted Lince Works to raise $3.4 million for the release of a PC and console in March, the name of which is yet to be released. Due to this funding, the Barcelona game studio has set up a release date in 2021. While Game Seer does fund game developers, it provides the freedom of development and publishing. It invests in the idea and concept of a game developer because the team at Game Seer knows the significance of smart games.

Contributing to the Growth of Game Business

The fact that the game business is expanding at a fast pace does not come as a surprise. Investors are interested in putting their money in this industry, given that the concept is powerful. Game Seer Venture Partners is serving as a bridge between investors and game developers ever since it came into the market.

In just a few months, this company has acquired $11.1 million in funds that they are planning to invest in high-quality PC and console game projects. The mission of this company is “to throw smart money at brilliant games.

The company provides funds in the range of €100,000 to €1.5 million. As there are thousands of game ideas in the market, the company uses a self-developed analysis and evaluation tool for selection purposes and provides digital distribution support.

Game Seer Venture Partners is moving forward in the market with a product-centric approach. Through this methodology, the company will effectively filter, evaluate, and finance games that hold the potential to take the gaming industry by a storm. The CEO has clearly stated that the company is not interested in investing in blockchain games and is only interested in putting money in PC and console games. Vernizeau states, “Everything is transparent at all times, we are always available, and we love games. From us, the studios receive smart money and no stupid money.

Even though the company is new in the market, but the way it is helping smart game developers launch their ideas into the industry is stirring hype in the industry. Developers, who are creating amazing games, now have a better chance to execute their ideas and impress gamers across the globe.

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