Guide to Creating Content for SEO and Optimize for Google

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Let your content reach the audience through organic ways. Follow the guidelines of Google, and with little effort, you can make your content good. Else you can opt for search engine optimization services for content ranking.

Google clearly announced that content is among the major three factors for any business to scale. Thus, this rose the modern form of SEO – effective content marketing.

Digital marketing is incompetent without content, and content is sketchy without SEO services. So, when we say SEO based content, what does that mean exactly?

SEO Content

SEO content is the online content that is optimized around a specific keyword designed to rank in search engines. When researched, it was found out those businesses regularly publish blog posts get 350% more traffic than the non-regulars. So, how can we create an SEO-based Content?

Guide to Create Content for SEO Service 

What the Audience is looking for

An effective content strategy works on good researched user-intent content delivery. You must learn what your audience is looking for, thus picking a relevant and suitable topic will help target your audience effectively.

You can scroll some platforms like Reddit, where people hang out. In addition to it, you can check out the competitor’s blogs, videos, and infographics. Personas are again a brilliant way to target customers, even when they are not searching for your product or service.

Keyword Research 

Google Suggest is the best platform to find short and long-tail keywords. The best part about this platform is that when you type a keyword, it gives you 10 more suggestions used by the people searching for right now.

Unlike Google Suggest, there are other free as well as paid tools that can help you find great ideas for the keyword as well as titles like AnswerThePublic, UberSuggest, and more.

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Create an Extensive Content 

Just producing quality content isn’t enough to generate the best result for a given search. Thus, you need to prepare and publish the content that gives the user everything they need just from a keyword.

An extensive content is generally lengthy and delivers all the relevant and relatable information. The reason behind long content ranking is because it gives users more information on a topic. The information is well-structured, thus Google considers your page among the relevant and exhibits on the list of top 5 or so, which gives you more confidence in your content.

Another benefit of writing a comprehensive content is it attracts more links and social shares.

Optimize your Keyword Content 

Understanding the Keyword prominence and using it gives you chances to get in the eye of Google bots. Google always list those whose blogs have keywords at the beginning of the content. Thus, it is essential that your target keyword must come in the first 100 words.

Use keywords at all relevant places, like Image titles, alt text, captions, headings, and URL. You can also look for synonyms instead of just using the primary keyword. You must also embed short and long-tail keywords in the title tag. The other aspect to optimize your content is by placing the internal links to your content.

Spread your Content through Social Media Platforms

If you want your content to be read by more and more people, you will have to make it available for them. Choose a platform that has lots of active users or that suits you more to publicize your content,  like Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also link your content with reputable sources, like Wikipedia for relevance.

Your Blog Must be Mobile-Responsive

It has become imperative for any business to design their websites with the mobile-first model. Google gives prominence to those who focus on mobile-first indexing.

The same goes for your content. Since the larger audience contains handheld devices, thus focusing on using responsive designs gives you leverage.

It is beneficial for your customers to read your blog post through their devices. Your Search engine optimization team will also reap benefits from it. The SEO team will not have to put inbound links for desktop as well as mobile separately, just one link will do all the work.

Analysis of Your Content Performance

After publishing and distributing your content widely, tracking the page’s search engine ranking will help you understand the organic traffic that has reached your content as well as the number of bounce rates.

However, you can only track the traffic and impressions after 2-3 months. So, do not be disappointed if you couldn’t find your post ranking on the first page the very next day.

Update Content in Regular Intervals

To improve your SEO Content, you need to deliver fresh content every time. But, what about the content that has become outdated or the information within is no longer of use. To gain traction and authority on the search engine result page(SERP), remove the outdated, and update your old posts that were successful.

Besides ranking, updating some of your successful pieces will improve the lifespan of your best-achieved results and will make that content evergreen.

In the Nutshell – 

Effective content marketing is the new improved form of SEO service, which most of the digital marketing companies follow. Incorporating best practices like keyword prominence, link building, updating content, mobile responsive content, and so on will help your content grow on SERP.  Identify your targets and intent of your readers to provide them relevant matter to rank organically.

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