What Do You Understand by Link Profile Audit for SEO Purposes?

When it comes to performing link profile audits, you should let go of the thought that you can do it when needed. If you manage your site with this mindset, upgrades like Google Penguin updates can quickly clear your ranking in the SERPs.

Link Profile Audit

So, always remember that there is no best time other than right now to schedule a link profile audit with any of the best SEO services in town. In case you are new to the SEO world, you should first understand what link profile audit means.

What Is Link Profile Audit?

Link profile audit comes under the broader scope of SEO audit; it identifies the negative SEO link attack attempts, removes bad links, and assesses penalties.

An SEO audit usually consists of processes like content optimization, reviewing technical SEO factors, and linking profiles. Some audits also uncover the user experience and conversion issues on the site.

Importance of Link Profile Audit

As Google’s new updates even slap penalties on sites that have not built links, link profile audits support a great deal to keep your site up and running by helping you maintain a healthy link profile, by checking up on bad links, and toning down its effects on the site.

This process is also known as link remediation, and it is a way to mitigate risk to your site and an excellent way to add link risk management to it. Many best SEO services offer link profile audit services, including spam check, disavow strategy, and ccTLD checks.

What Is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO can mislead Google to think that you are building wrong links when, in fact, it is your competitor who is wickedly doing it to inflate the link profile artificially. Due to the miscalculations, your site may get demoted algorithmically as a result.

To avoid this, you should periodically get the link profile audit done with the help of any best SEO services.

Factors Analyzed During A Link Profile Audit

From positive link velocity to contextual and reciprocal links, various factors are analyzed and checked while conducting a link profile audit. Some of the primary checks done are:

  • Positive and Negative Link Velocity
  • Sponsored and Contextual Link checks.
  • Natural Link Profile.
  • Authority site.
  • User-generated links.

These are a handful of factors that are checked by the best SEO services while auditing the entire link profile. Once done, the bad links are immediately sorted out, and a disavow strategy is put together for the site.

Disavow Strategy

After the audit, a disavow file is compiled and then uploaded to the site using Google’s Disavow tool. It is essential that the disavow file is error-free to ensure no formatting issues before the upload.

If you think you may miss out on any wrong links in the disavow file, it is better to work with agencies providing SEO services, including Disavow strategies. Professionals in the field can effortlessly review the quality of the links in the file and run a disavow file audit report on time.

In case you are worried about the condition of your site’s backlinks, reaching out to SEO service providers for a link profile audit will help you evaluate the backlink profile, remove wrong links, and boost your SEO efforts on the whole.