What is CTV in marketing and how effective is ctv advertising?

CTV in marketing

Connected TV or CTV is a device connected to the Internet with the opportunity to watch videos, shows and movies on demand. You can explain in even simpler terms what is ctv – it’s access to the Internet via TV. The most popular providers of these services are Smart TV and Apple TV.

The target audience of this product are modern and advanced users who have abandoned the classic analog television. They prefer to consume only the content they want at a convenient time.

In fact, Connected TV is a TV screen that broadcasts video from an additional system over the Internet. This allows the viewer to use the familiar big screen and watch his favorite shows. Cable TV severely restricts him in this, as there is a rigid schedule of shows.

It is worth noting that Connected TV is a relative new trend. The price for the first devices was quite high, but today every family can afford them.

CTV in marketing

Features of CTV

Most users are abandoning the usual television in favor of modern CTV. In turn, marketing experts are mastering this platform for the promotion of goods and services.

This direction has a number of pros, as well as cons, which can be adjusted. The first positive feature is a large margin for imagination in creating a campaign. Often, when advertising on television, there are limits set by the TV channel. Here you can create interactive and highly artistic videos, attracting the attention of viewers.

The second important advantage is that the viewer chooses what to watch. Thanks to this it is possible to get the most accurate portrait of the person on the other side of the screen.

Maximum visibility also has a positive impact on the development of devices. All the user’s attention is focused on the picture, which allows you to immerse yourself in it and not be distracted by other factors.

As for the disadvantages, we will highlight the lack of clickability. Indeed, it is difficult to track reactions in CTV, because we cannot redirect the user to the site or get a response. But we can connect other devices to see the interactions. For example, an offer to scan a QR code directs the viewer to the advertiser’s site, and it is possible to do analytics there.

Why is it worth implementing ctv in your advertising campaign?

This tool will suit those companies that have had a budget for promotion on television. Also, firms whose target audience actively uses CTV can become potential advertisers.

There are statistics confirming the effectiveness of running commercials on CTV. According to these data, the conversion can increase immediately by 35%.

What are the advantages of placing ads on Connected TV?

  • Watch the clip to the end! On CTV services, you often can’t miss an ad. This forces the viewer to watch it one way or another. But even in this issue, you can increase the client’s interest by creating a commercial in the highest quality and using surround sound.
  • When you run a commercial on television, marketing specialists get too much coverage. In fact, we don’t choose who to show the commercial to, which will inevitably affect conversion rates. On CTV devices, we get a portrait of the viewer because we can study his browsing history and evaluate his interests.
  • In-depth analysis. Connected TV allows the customer access to all the analytics information they need to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.

For the best results, it is optimal to combine channels for broadcast to get more coverage. As a rule, cable and CTV audiences do not overlap and displace each other.

Many believe that CTV is just starting its way into the world of digital technology. In fact, you need to hurry up to get your niche here and start using traffic here, because many businesses already have successful cases.

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