What the XFL Is Doing Right This Time?

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Several states in the US with legalized sports betting have been waiting anxiously for the XFL season to begin. Now that the first thrilling game has startled the interest of audience, punters are getting ready for XFL betting. However, the biggest gambler in this event is the league’s owner Vincent Kennedy McMahon, who is bringing the football league back from the dead.

A disastrous beginning

XFL originally began in 2001 when McMahon envisioned a football league- wrestling crossover. The event failed miserably and became the biggest financial loss for a seasoned businessman like McMahon, who has been running WWE (the biggest sports entertainment company) for decades. After waiting for years to revive his dream, he has made changes that could probably turn the league around.

Here is what XFL is doing right this time around.

A robust lineup

The XFL has recovered from its wrestling frenzied sad says and is now fully focused on football. The first week of events looks good with teams like DC Defenders, Tampa Bay Vipers, Houston Roughnecks and Dallas Renegades at the helm.

A betting friendly position

The football league is like no other when it comes to betting friendliness. The limits will vary depending on the bookmakers, but punters can expect quickly moving lines, thanks to new rules and games introduced during the league. The XFL favors a speedy game which means that will be more scoring and more opportunities to bet.

Not only this, ABC and ESPN are planning to incorporate betting lines alongside their on-screen scoreboards. The NFL doesn’t allow this to happen and desists from mentioning sports betting in-game or during broadcasts. This simply means that XFL betting will be more open, transparent and engaging.

A more entertaining angle

NFL is football but XFL is going to be football and a heavy dose of entertainment. The goals were made clear during the debut 2020 season game between the DC Defenders and Seattle Dragons. Even though XFL’s first season failed, the 2020 incarnation was welcomed by 17,163 fans in Audi Field which the home ground of DC United, a major league team. The gameplay was a hybrid of college and pro styles and the games start with no coin toss. Instead, the home team decides who starts off.

XFL is trying to catch football lover’s fancy right after the Super Bowl and is expecting to take slower and steadier steps to create a truly unique league. It will be interesting to see how it fares this time around.

Image Credits – Action Network.

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