Best Five Tools for website SEO Audit That Aid to Grow Online Business!!

SEO Audit

Every kind of online business invests lots of money and time to get the search engine ranking and spreading its brand awareness to a large audience. There are various companies that hire SEO consultants and SEO experts for optimizing the rank of their website in the Search engine results pages. Other companies have their team of digital marketers for doing the same task. It all depends on the businessmen’s choice whether they want freelancers, SEO experts or just have a team of marketing.

The only purpose of the search engine optimization for the business is to increase the traffic on the website, getting high leads and outstanding conversion rate with the means of gaining high brand popularity.  SEO services providers are helping to an uplift position of the website by applying the right strategies. Before the starting of the optimization of any website for the search engine, one most important thing is the auditing of the website.

Yes, a website audit is an essential process that is mainly done for analysing the webpages of the websites to find the problems. It is true that doing auditing of the website is not easy at all. In fact, it is a lengthy and time taking process if done manually. And, still, there are chances for the mistakes. That’s why there are numerous SEO audit tools are available in the marketer which are known for the wonderful functionality and user-friendly operation. If you would use these tools, then it becomes easy for you to audit your website quickly and accurately.

  • Woorank
  • Semrush
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • Moz
  • SEO Site Checkup

#1 Woorank

Available in both free and paid versions, Woorank is an incredible auditing tool for the analysis of your website. From digital marketing companies to website owners to the SEO agencies, this is the best tool to be used for the analysing your website.

It works extremely well for the analysis of the bother on-page and Off-page SEO. Woorank is an outstanding tool that is highly efficient for analysing the broken links; locate defective web pages, backlinks and other defects on your website page. This is the tool that would surely aid to uplift the rank of your website in the search engine result pages. Apart from this, it also has a feature via which you can easily download the audit report of your website in PDF format.

This tool is one of the most famous web auditing tools that is cherished among the users for its hassle-free working and simple to use. With the help of this tool, you can easily fix your website issues.

#2 Semrush

Semrush is a research and auditing tool that is gaining immense popularity among the users. Known for its fast and user-friendly working, this tool is ideal for tracking the organic keywords, backlinks, PPC keywords, and others. This is a helpful tool for tracking the competitor’s data. Apart from this, it has numerous amazing features that would aid to bring your website on the top rank. Now let’s have the look at the incredible features of this app.

You can analyse the backlinks, create the outstanding ad campaigns, compare the competitors’ data, search the best keywords for PPC and SEO, position ranking and whole website auditing is possible with it and other several features are available in this tool.

#3 Google Webmaster tools

From tracking the website performance to several other things, Google webmaster tools are known as the best auditing tool. These tools help for indexing status and boost the visibility of your website in the SERP. Google webmaster auditing tools are fantastic for beginners as well as experienced site owners. There are various features such as fetch as Google, Page speed insight and others are mentioned in these tools. These tools are free and work exceptionally well.

#4 Moz

Moz is another famous yet most effective SEO tool which helps a lot for quickly auditing your website. This tool has different features that help to analyse the page authority, rank, domain authority and other things. This is a helpful SEO auditing tool that will surely lift the position of the website when you fix the issues. This tool is extremely good for small and big enterprise businesses. Apart from this, it is available in both paid and non-paid version. So, without thinking much, if you are planning to audit your website, then you must consider this tool.

#5 SEO Site Checkup

This is a free auditing tool that is ideal for tracking your entire website that even in a trouble-free manner. SEO site Check-up tool works on a website in the 6 different categories. This is used for analysing the mobile usability, social media, servers, semantic web, security and SEO issues. From site health score to the data from search engines, all can be comprehensively track with the aid of this outstanding SEO auditing tool. In addition to this, you can check the performance of your website along with the failed checks of the website. So, without thinking much, just use this tool and let fixes all the issues on your website. Apart from this, it is a wonderful tool for SEO monitoring, issues repairing, reporting and competitor analysis.

These are the most famous 5 SEO auditing tools which would surely help your website to get the high ranking. Also, make you able to fix the issues that occur in your website pages. So, without thinking much, just use any of the tools and let resolve all the issues on your website and come to your site on the first page of the search engine result pages.

If you find any difficulties using these above tools, then you can hire any trustworthy company for it. Availing the services of the reliable and professional SEO Company would surely take your online business to the next level. They would make your website and brand popular among the large audience and you would gain more leads and high conversion rates. So, why think twice when such services are available in the market at an affordable rate for your business.

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