What To Do If Your Book Is Not Generating Sales?

What To Do If Your Book Is Not Generating Sales?

Are you struggling in selling your books? Or are you tight on the marketing budget? Have you tried hiring a cheap book marketing service?

If you consider Amazon to sell your books, Amazon Kindle currently features millions of books with thousands more published every day. Amazon has an even greater selection of paperback and hardcover books. It’s no surprise, then, that your book may become lost in the crowd. However, a little book advertising can help by hiring a cheap book marketing service.

What To Do If Your Book Is Not Generating Sales?

Writing a blog post with quotes from people who have reviewed your book can also help significantly in promoting your book.

How to Sell Your Book Then?

The majority of book sales are made by book buyers looking for their next read on Amazon or other online book vendors. Making your book easier to find and more appealing to buy is the key to increasing your book sales. For example, social media or a cheap book marketing service to promote your books on Amazon isn’t enough.

In this blog post we have mentioned some tips that will definitely work for you for generating fruitful book sales.

So, let’s get started on increasing book sales on Amazon. Make some basic adjustments to your book to increase your chances of selling it in your desired bookstores.

Try Changing Your Book Category

You can choose two or more categories for your book on Amazon and on the majority of other self-publishing services. If you’re currently listed in broad top categories, it’s time to look for narrowed categories that are considerably more concentrated. If you choose broad categories, your book will get buried among thousands of others. So, limiting them down can help your readers discover it.

Try drilling down even further to a listing such as Literature & Fiction to Literary Fiction to Romance. A specific category will give your book on Amazon a significant chance of being discovered.

When selecting your book categories, I would recommend breaking down as deep as possible. Do not use broad categories no matter what. Discover the niche categories that seem to be perfect for your book. However, a cheap book marketing service can significantly help you with this strategy if you are tight on budget.

Discover and Utilize Useful Keywords

You must include around seven keywords before publishing on Amazon. You can add even more on other publishing platforms.

A keyword can either be a single word or a short phrase. Short phrases are always preferable because they work proficiently.

Use Amazon’s Search Field to locate relevant keywords and phrases, then review the results of the suggestions in the drop-down list. These are terms that people have searched for on Amazon. By carefully picking those relevant keywords, you can increase the chances of readers finding your book.

Likewise, specific single keywords have a surprising use. For example, many keywords are listed on Amazon that will place your book in a third or even fourth category when combined with the appropriate category.

Suppose your book is listed under Historical Fiction. Adding the term Medieval will give it a new category of Historical Fiction Time Periods/Medieval on Amazon. Extensive keyword research is pretty necessary to achieve such results. However, a cheap book marketing service is pretty helpful because of their expertise and is light on your wallet.

Write an Insightful Book Description

Your goal is to hook book buyers instantly. To help sell your book, write a fantastic book description. Then you want people to read your book preview.

Don’t waste a potential reader’s time with a preview that is full of credits, and thank you notes to your family and editor. They will close the preview in a hurry if there’s an extended prologue, preface, or other unnecessary content. If you have any additional background material to include in your book, include it at the end. Allow your potential readers and book buyers to go right into chapter one and the story as soon as possible.

Change Your Book Cover

Although you may adore your book cover, but do your potential readers like it? Take some time to look at books in your genre that are doing well. First, decide whether to update your book cover or not? Your book cover is your most valuable tool for promoting your book. How well does your cover go in comparison? What are the most popular colors and fonts you see within your book category?

If you are not a professional graphic designer and have created your own cover, do yourself a favor and hire a professional designer. You can purchase affordable customized covers. Consider buying two or three of them—each with a unique and innovative design or color variations to see which one works best.

Even something as simple as a cover’s primary color can make a significant impact.

For example, if your book is a contemporary romance, look at the primary colors of the most popular book covers. Let’s suppose pink, blue, and pastel colors are dominant in your category. If yours is olive green, you immediately need to change your book cover.

Ask the designer to design two or three different versions with different background colors upon purchasing a book cover. Another important consideration is how your book cover will seem when reduced to a thumbnail image. Your cover will be used in small images by all online book merchants, so it must be appealing.


You must continue to work on and learn new techniques to enhance your book sales as soon as you become a published author.

You have written a great book and want people to read it. You may add a short statement at the end of your manuscript to remind readers to write a review. If you have a printed version of your book, you may reduce the price to appeal to more potential customers. If your marketing budget is limited, you can even engage a cheap book marketing service. So, if your book isn’t selling, keep experimenting and trying new things.

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