3 Best Business Strategies for Productized Startups

Many entrepreneurs, motivated by the freedom of being their own boss, or looking at the significantly higher earning potential which running an online business can offer, have embarked upon an internet-based business model where multiple customers, which consequently also creates multiple income streams, are offered a pre-packaged, flat-rate service. This model is commonly referred to as a productized business.

Whatever, your motives for starting a productized business, there are a few key strategies, which will help you at whatever stage you may be and may even lead you to be listed among these successful startups.

Productize Your Skill, Your Passion, and Your Dream

A productized business begins with a service you will perform for a flat fee. This service can be anything from construction and painting to customized artwork to helping companies locate clients and sales leads. The fundamental idea is that, while each implementation may be different, the requirement is that it is packaged as a service that you perform and which a customer agrees to for a fixed fee. This is not to discourage upsell customization services. However, it is vital to your business’s success that you do not offer services that are really of an indeterminate hourly variety for a flat fee.

Convert Your Existing Customers and Find New Ones

Customers who are currently paying for your work are an excellent place to start. Letting your current customers know that your business is changing its business terms and providing those new provisions to your existing customers along with a credible and sincere explanation of how the new model will benefit your customers is a great way to continue positive existing relationships into the new business model.

For finding new customers, online marketing campaigns, developing relationships with popular news and blogs sites (or creating your own) to promote your services, social media venues and email marketing campaigns offer a number of lead generation strategies successfully used by some of the biggest online companies. Hiring offshore SEO outsourcing services is an interesting option when it comes to driving customers to your website.

Whatever strategy you use, make sure that you understand your customer’s concerns and meet their emotional needs. Marketing research reveals that customers are far more likely to buy from someone they feel understands them than is just trying to sell them something.

Create High Impact Web Content

With web-based businesses, more so than with any other type of business, the need for compelling and well-written content is critical. Online customers like easy to follow marketing materials and powerful impact landing pages.

Here a well-produced picture is worth a thousand words. Video content and customer recommendations and/or testimonials are also musts.

Your landing page should be constructed to direct your visitors to take the next step(s) necessary to become prospects and customers. A website with a callback number during regular business hours could mean that the next returned search engine listing gets your customer.


The time-proven strategies to create successful web-based businesses have developed over nearly two decades. Having the right productized business idea, a robust customer acquisition approach and effective web content are excellent places for today’s web-based entrepreneur to begin.

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