4 ways Timesheet software makes workforce handling easy in 2020


At times, it is quite impressive to see the way technology and science is revamping our daily life. Every other day we wake up and listen to some new technology has stepped in.

Even though, the technology today may not seem to be benefiting much, but it can be surely seen changing the future. Industries like manufacturing, which involves companies like Tesla, have the huge impact on new generation.

One of those industries is HR. Human resource technology has some great set of improvements along with technology. HR technology that includes intuitive tools like attendance management software, online payroll software, human resource management system, etc. have all together made it so easy for the HR department to function.

One such module is timesheet management software.

What is timesheet management software?

Timesheet software is a type of time tracking software, which tracks your worked hours and deliverables as per time. It helps you track down your spent minutes and therefore, manage your time and work better.

How is Timesheet software important for Human resource?

For human resource management, timesheet software can be a useful tool for handling a remote workforce.

It becomes a challenge for HR manager and TL (team lead) to keep a track of work and productivity of a remote employee. This is where timesheet management software comes into the picture.

In a challenging year like 2020, timesheets can be extremely useful for handling workforce effectively. It helps you ensure productivity at work. The HR software aka timesheet software helps you track and record hours for future reference like employee data and payroll.

Let’s now look at 5 ways timesheet management software makes remote workforce management easier for HR.

4 ways timesheet software has made remote workforce handling easy:

Real time monitoring

Time tracking software, in today’s date, comes with an ability to monitor hours in real-time. Employees can easily generate reports and send to manager for approval or further process. Manager can now keep a closer eye on employees amid lockdown as well. The entire process here makes it great and easy to function with real time data on your fingertips.

Better visibility

One of the biggest challenges in managing remote workforce is lack of visibility. When in office, it is easy to learn the schedule of any employee, know who is in a meeting, who is having lunch, who is at client’s place, and so on.

Well, the case is not the same with remote working. Whilst a digital time-tracking solution like timesheet help you see who is on the clock and what they’re working upon.

Also, managers can ensure team is tracking hours accurately and not submitting incomplete timesheets for payroll.

Improved accountability

Traditional method of timesheet management only allows managers to see employees clock in and out. But the question here is about productivity.

With a timesheet management software that lets you track time by project, or task, you can improve accountability. Your employees can now track time for each task, and employers can see how much time workers spent on each project.

With accurate data at base, your team can be more accountable for time spent on tasks, and employers can therefore guarantee productivity.

Data security and compliances

Not only accurate attendance data but an HR software like timesheet can also help you with compliance management.

It often becomes a challenge to abide by laws and employment terms when achieving your objectives. But, with a cloud based timesheet software, data compliance is not an issue. Cloud based HR solution comes up with facilities of data backup and compliances to prevent penalties and data loss.


Integrating a timesheet management system can be win-win situation for both business and HR management i.e. workforce handling.

When talking about solutions to efficiently manage a remote team, no other solution could be better than dedicated HR software. Auto generation of reports with real time data, attendance management solution, payroll software, employee self-service, etc. are some good reasons to invest here.

HR technology definitely has something potential for the future of human resources. Stay ahead of competition. Choose right tool for you.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

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