5 Reasons Mobile Passport and ID Scanning Improves Business

5 Reasons Mobile Passport and ID Scanning Improves Business

Mobile passport and ID scanning are not only meant for airports. Different businesses can benefit from mobile passport scanning in a lot of ways. Passports have a machine-readable zone, also called MRZ, that contains all the critical information of the person such as name, passport number, sex, date of birth, nationality, and expiration date of the passport. With mobile passport scanning, businesses can gather critical customer information and is a vital security measure. An MRZ scanner based on Optical Character Recognition technology helps scan passports and saves time and effort. This blog will introduce you to five reasons how mobile passport and ID scanning helps improve business and a robust MRZ reader to benefit you in the process further.

Benefits of Mobile Passport and ID Scanning

An MRZ passport reader provides multiple benefits to businesses, which is why more and more organizations are opting for it. Below are some of the most critical advantages of mobile passport and ID scanning with an MRZ scanner.

1. It is faster than manual data entry.

When it comes to speed, there is no comparison between manual data entry and an MRZ scanner. In an organization where hundreds of passports have to be scanned daily, an MRZ scanner is way more beneficial than manually entering the data. Mobile passport scanning is also a good solution for self-check-ins at hotels.

2. Extract Critical Data from Passports.

The MRZ scanner that works on OCR technology allows you to extract the text accompanied. Hence, you can scan all data such as country code, the check digit for document number, type of document, etc.

3. Mobile Passport Scanning works on all devices.

The best thing about mobile passport scanning is that you don’t need a particular machine for it. Opt for an MRZ scanner SDK based on OCR technology, and you are good to go. This passport scanner app will work on all your mobile devices, be it Android or iOS. Not to mention, it will also save you the money to purchase another gadget.

4. Mobile MRZ Scanner provides high accuracy.

Manual data entry is not only time-taking but error-prone too. When it comes to scanning piles of passports, leave the job to a high-speed MRZ scanner. Different OCR SDKs have different accuracy levels. Choose the one that provides the most accurate results in the least amount of time.

5. It keeps your data safe and secure.

Manual data entry is time-taking, and cloud-based solutions aren’t very safe. Hence, an OCR passport scanner SDK is the best option to choose among all. An MRZ scanner SDK allows offline passport scanning, so you don’t always have to need robust internet connectivity. If you are looking for an MRZ reader, an OCR SDK is what you should choose.

How to Choose the Best MRZ Passport Scanner SDK? 

It can be a little tricky to choose the ideal MRZ passport scanner SDK for your business. Hence, it is better to try all the solutions before you make a purchase. See how easy the integration process is, the accuracy levels, how fast the MRZ passport reader works. Unless you try, you won’t be able to decide what works best for your business. Various leading brands provide free trials of their SDKs. Make the most of it and find out the best solution for you.

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