6 Apps For Students To Set Goals In 2020

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We all promise to ourselves that in the next year we’ll be better versions of us. Quitting smoking, starting the gym, increasing our marks in college and developing new skills – sometimes these things don’t happen because we can’t organize ourselves into doing them. We really want to, but the lack of time, support, willpower or self-assurance stand between us and the goal. Here are the 6 best apps to set goals and achieve them in 2020 – we do hope that they will help you finally fulfill your dream.

But remember: there is no real “a better version of you”. There is only you, and loving yourself the way you are may be the most important goal of 2020!

#1 Google Calendar

The simplest app that is present in almost every smartphone and ignored so often. Google Calendar won’t really motivate or push you towards your goal, but it may help you organize your time so that you can squeeze the useful tasks into your schedule. Google Calendar can connect to other Google apps and automatically schedule the events for you, reminding about trips (if you bought the tickets and they were sent to your Gmail), shows, meetings and so on. This can help you to correctly allocate time and dedicate it to things you have to do (for example, do the assignment for college and take a look at different sources like Ozzi Essays for your essay) and you want to do (like meet your friends or read a book).

#2 Habitica

Gamifying is the best way of learning! Gamify getting new skills and setting your goals, fight the Slack Wyrm in your own challenge, get the new weapons or armor and develop positive habits in just 30 levels!

Habitica is one of the most popular habit-developing games. There are clans (or communities) united with a single goal: from overcoming a psychological issue to gaining or losing weight. There are bosses for raids, items, potions and every other aspect of an MMORPG – but this one is really useful for your health!

#3 ATracker

If you are more concerned about time than about motivation – consider using ATracker. This app also has habit-developing functions, but the main function is to organize your time. ATracker has all kinds of reminders, alarms and time trackers that will help you to use your time in the most effective way, dividing your schedule between hobbies, work, learning and rest. ATracker is compatible with both IOs and Android, so you can use it on any portable device that is always with you.

#4 Way Of Life

Way Of Life is one of the easiest lifestyle apps that give you graphic feedback in charts, graphs and tables. It is the best one for setting long-term goals, because you may evaluate the results just looking at the explicit picture. Unfortunately, only three goals are available in the free version, so if you want to see the big picture of your habits, goals and life overall, consider buying a full version.

#5 Goals on Track

Goals on Track is a lifestyle app for IOs and Android that works not only with developing good habits but with eliminating the bad ones. It demands honesty to be really useful, but still, if you are determined to watch yourself and understand how many times you are smoking, eating junk food, swearing or whatever else – Goals on Track is the best choice for you. It may work in a score mode, comparing good habits with bad ones (the first ones add something to your score, the second ones subtract), or just as a tracker, showing you a true statistic of your day.

#6 Coach.me

Coach.me is an app that makes the main emphasis on the wide community. In addition to all common goal-setting and time-tracking functions, it has lots of people around that may support you and give you a helping hand if you feel stuck. It helps to cope even with common tasks, when you feel demotivated while looking for ideas for your paper on free websites with databases like procollegeessays.com and you can’t inspire yourself for doing what you have to do. People who rely on others and need external motivation and evaluation can use it to get reassurance and keep up the good work – or try again.

The goal-setting apps can be quite similar and have the same number of functions, but in such a difficult thing as goal-setting, even the slightest detail can be important. Choose whatever your like: aggressive racing against the clock in the competition mode, a MMORPG or serene and slow lifestyle changing – and onwards, to your goals!

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