Can You Recover Data After Formatting Hard Drive?

Formatting Hard Drive

One question that often pops into our head when our Hard Drive is formatted is whether we canrecover formatted hard driveor not. Simply put, the answer to this question is yes. It is possible to recover data from a formatted hard drive. Although it depends on some factors, such as the extent to which the formatting has taken place and whether any new data has been overwritten over the old data.

When formatting a hard drive, the file system is always reset, and the available data is considered deleted even though the data is not erased. This means the data can still be recovered, especially with data recovery software. Many people nowuse Disk Drill Data Recovery Software. However, in case of a “low level” formatting that is extensive, it may be more difficult or impossible to recover the data. Also, if new data is written over the old data, it may be difficult or sometimes impossible to recover the original data.

Therefore, to maximize your chances of recovering data from a formatted hard drive, it is advisable to cease using it immediately. This will help avoid writing any new data to the formatted hard disk. At this point, you can use the data recovery software to attempt the recovery.

Please note that using data recovery software can be time-consuming, and there may be no guarantee of success depending on the software you choose.

Best Software To Recover Formatted Drive

Formatting Hard Drive

Several data recovery software options are available, either for traditional formatting or SSD data recovery. Whether you have a formatted SSDor a hard drive, every software comes with inbuilt features giving it the strength to complete data recovery. We will show you some of the best and most popular options.

1. Recuva

Recuva is a free data recovery tool that can recover files from formatted, damaged, or deleted partitions. It supports a wide range of file formats and has a user-friendly interface.

2. TestDisk

TestDisk is a powerful data recovery tool that can recover lost partitions and repair damaged file systems. It supports a wide range of operating systems and file systems.

3. Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill is a popular data recovery software that canrecover lost datafrom formatted, deleted, or damaged partitions. It supports many file formats and offers a free trial version.

It’sIt’s essential to note that while these software tools can effectively recover data, there is no guarantee that all of the data will be recovered. It’sIt’s also important to use the software carefully to avoid overwriting or damaging any existing data on the drive.

Advantages of Data Recovery Software

  1. Quick and Convenient: Data recovery software is a fast and convenient way to recover lost or deleted files, saving you time and effort compared to manually searching for lost data.
  2. Affordable: Most data recovery software is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to the cost of professional data recovery services.
  3. User-Friendly: Many data recovery software tools are designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for non-technical users to recover their lost data.
  4. Widely Available: Many data recovery software options are available, making it easy to find a tool that suits your needs.

Disadvantages of Data Recovery Software

  1. Limited Success: Data recovery software can only recover data that hasn’t been overwritten or damaged beyond repair. Sometimes, the success rate of data recovery software can be low, especially for complex or severe data loss situations.
  2. Risk of Further Data Loss: Improper use of data recovery software can lead to further data loss, primarily if the software is not used correctly.
  3. False Sense of Security: Data recovery software can give users a false sense of security, leading them to believe that their data can be recovered in any situation.
  4. Not Effective in All Cases: Data recovery software may not be effective in all cases, such as when the hard drive or SSD has physical damage or failure.

Generally, traditional formatting with data recovery software is more easily achievable. This is because the data is not distributed across multiple storage cells. However, SSDs have wear-leveling algorithms that complicate data recovery and may require specialized software or services.

How To Recover Formatted SSD with Disk Drill

FormattedSSD data recoverywith Disk Drill is the most efficient of all. You must install the software after downloading it from the official Cleverfile’s website to achieve this. A similar process applies to all other software.

Once Disk Drill is installed, launch it and run a whole SSD scan for lost data. The software will be able to perform a deep scan to discover all the lost files and, in the end, provide a preview of all the recoverable files.

To recover formatted SSD, you will need to select the files you need or all the recoverable files and choose the destiny folder.

Can I Protect Data Even When Formatting SSD?

Data protection is significant, primarily if you handle critical business information. That is why you must protect the data before performing any disk formatting. Therefore, you should perform regular data backups to avoid losing important data.

Some of the ways to back up your data include:

  • iTunes
  • iCloud
  • External hard drive

Bottom Line

While it is possible that you can recover data after formatting the hard drive, the recovery process must be initiated with immediate effect. Also, any further use of the drive before data recovery must be stopped. These activities will secure your data from overwriting and will increase the chances of recovery.


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