8 Best Intriguing Facts about Casino and Gambling

8 Best Intriguing Facts about Casino and Gambling

From pee soaked chairs, bringing snakes to the casino house, no clocks in the casino, ultraviolence, to utter losing and the invention of the sandwich, a casino is a place that talks about bizarre moments, amazing facts, and heartbreaking moments.

Gambling is known as a way of getting rid of your stress and embracing the peacefulness. talks more about these fun facts, cringy moments and many more facts related to gambling and casino.

With the help of technology and many software developers, at present, we can actually play online, with the same merriment and enjoyment we get from the land-based casino.

With its initial stages from 17th century onwards, casino and gambling have been a mode of entertainment. For those who don’t know, the first casino was built in Italy.

The crux had many misinterpretations in its initial stages, but as the years went by, the casino and gambling industry grew more popular than ever.

Keeping that aside, we will see some of the best fascinating facts on casino and gambling, you may or may not have heard about these.

1. Trip to the Oldest and the Historical Casino, no, not Las Vegas

Like mentioned before, the oldest and the traditional casino takes us back to Italy, where the first and the foremost casino were invented in the year 1638.

Casino di Venezia was opened for the people who are in love with the theatre. The casino was initially named as theatre Saint Moses. You can find the casino that sits royally on the Grand Canal in Venice. This pushes the notion that Las Vegas is the pioneer of all the casinos!

2. Venetian Macau is a Casino Country!

Fascinating, isn’t it? Yes, the biggest and the largest in sq.fts and the gaming space, goes to none other than great Venetian Macau.

Situated in the Macau region, this casino was opened for the punters in the year 2007 and ever since its inception; the house has gathered enough attraction and famous players from all across the country.

3. European Roulette Increase the Odds

Did you know that there are mainly two kinds of the roulette wheel? American roulette wheel and the European roulette wheel. There is a significant difference between these wheels, the number of zeros present on the wheel.

The European roulette wheel consists of only one pair of zeros while the American roulette wheel represents two pairs of zeros making the punters challenging to win.

4. Mayme Stocker and the tale of the casino licence

The first and the foremost person to get an authorization of the casino licence is Mayme Stocker. It was in the year 1931 when this happened. She inaugurated and opened a casino in the year 1936, Las Vegas. This gives us the winner of first casino licence holder in Las Vegas!

5. Legendary Tale of Archie Karas

You may be new to the name, Archie Karas. If you ever visit Las Vegas, you may know that Archie is a legendary living figure. Why? Well, he is considered as the greatest and a passionate gambler, not just any gambler, but the only one who has a record of winning streak.

If this doesn’t impress you, wait till you hear this; Archie holds a record of winning streak that takes up to 3 years straight! Pretty impressive right? Legend says that He compensated the US$10,000 for US$30,000.

6. Card counting and legal issues

Are you allowed to count other’s card while playing card games? The first answer would be no. But, yes, legally you are allowed to count the cards. You can track and count down the ratio of cards while playing. You must never forget to inform the other punters and the dealer himself.

7. Slots are (Not) an Easy Game to Make Money

Slots are considered as one of the easiest ways to make money and have got a lot of players and lovers from all over the world. If this is the first impression you get, let us make something clear to you.

Slots work under random number generator, which will give us an entirely different pattern each time you spin. Even though the chances are fifty-fifty, the risk you are willing to take will be like sticking a hand inside a snake hole! Slots directly help to make money, but not for the punters but the casino!

Slots are (Not) an Easy Game to Make Money

8. Nevada is Rich Enough to Offer Casinos for its Prisoners!

It was in the year 1931, Nevada became a legalized casino state. Once the casino was opened, the main prison in the state opened a casino platform for the prisoners to play during the recess time.

The kinds of games the prisoners can try their hands on are; poker, blackjack, craps, and gin rummy tables. But, the rejoice and the merriment platform was shut down as soon as the Nevada Gaming Control Board was put in power.


The above-given article is an overview of some of the captivating and fascinating facts you may not know about the gambling and casino industry.  If you want to know more about these exciting moments that happened, you can take a look at the website given in the post for further reference.

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