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People have resorted to watching movies and listing to music during this pandemic times. This keeps them busy, entertained and engaged to prevent them from going outside and catching the Covid-19. To keep yourself entertained for long, you need to download a lot of movies and songs. However, a lot of people always assume that when they download a movie or song from the net, it will play in their device. There are videos that will fail to play in your gadget because they are not compatible. Well, this makes you feel disappointed especially if it was a video you eagerly wanted to play. To prevent all these problems, it becomes vital to use an online video converter. This platform can assist you with watching different movies in various format. It assists with changing a particular file from one format to another format such as avi to mp4 without affecting its original quality.

The platform comes with many features that makes the conversion process easier and faster. Besides, their professionals keep introducing new features every day. Thusly, to choose the best platform, you need to make sure that it has the following features as highlighted in their UniConverter Facebook page

What are the features of this online video converter?

There is no preferred platform than this online tool. It is one of the best tools because it has numerous features and advantages. Some of the advantages of the converter include:

You can edit videos.

Users who are searching for an effective and faster conversion tool, then this online video converter is the best.  It permits you to convert files within a short time. What we found is that its editorial manager has mind blowing controls. For the editing alternatives, it grants you to utilize effects such as crop, watermarks, add and modify captions. Regarding the sound of the video, you will have the choice to alter its volume and view the different conversions before saving them.

Its affordable

Maybe the best thing a lot of people would love to hear? This tool is free to use and doesn’t charge any cash. You can access all its features without paying any cent. What is more amazing, it produces quality results besides it’s free to use mode.

It is outfitted with a Screen Recorder

The tool also has an amazing feature that allows you to monitor all the activities on your screen. It gives a chance to record and view files from any online sites and save it on your PC or any gadget. In case you are utilizing the free preliminary version, you will record a one-minute video; in this manner, it’s prudent to choose the full unlimited version.

It has a modern module

This online video converter is invigorated persistently with recent features. Therefore, customers are urged to utilize it rather than using a platform with old highlights that will subject your document into inconvenience.

It’s flexible.

This implies the client will get the opportunity to utilize this device in better places and gadgets. The change process should occur in every device you can access and use.

Integrated with CD/DVD Burner

This is an important feature element that this platform comes with. It helps you to stack DVD documents, ISO records, IFO documents, and DVD folders, and so on for altering and converting. On the other hand, this burner enables you to crop the media files that are the video and sounds to DVD folders utilizing supported setting and ISO reports. At the same time, in the event that you have a DVD document that requires play at your PDA or PC, you could use this Uniconverter to convert DVD to MP4 or various setups.

Supports different Input Sources

This platform permits the client to download and import documents from various areas and sources. For example, it helps the client to import recordings from the PC’s local storage camcorders, PDAs, outside drives, or stack from DVDs. It moves the video documents rapidly without focusing on the document size.

Different kinds of Formats

The unit converter will permit you to change the file in any configuration that is maintained by your device. By converting the document in the perfect setting, you will have the alternative to appreciate checking out the melodies by essentially clicking on it. As it will be difficult to download diverse video converters for different changes so you can discard this if you use unit converter. Uniconverter will help with changing the documents in the perfect setup that will help you in watching any video.

Snappier Converting Speed

Uniconverter platform provides you a chance to convert the file into various configurations with a mind blowing. It too permits you to convert the record in any perfect configuration quickly. Did you ever imagine that a video converter can convert the record into any organization within a short time?  Doubtlessly, not! In any case, this Uniconverter can simply do that. Because of its dazzling speed, customers acclaim this platform.

Video altering platform

The most noteworthy element is it also helps with altering the video. You can change the video as per your craving or dispense with explicit part that you accept isn’t require or incorporate an edge or concealing or printed style, etc. You can make the video as indicated by your choice by changing the sound track or including some extra staff.

Reasons to use this platform?

You are excitedly endorsed to use this platform to keep your latest music on your phone. So you may play them later on in any gadget. That is the clarification you should utilize the service of this online converter. Different individuals have obliged data plans, and they can’t play these records again and again. That is the clarification that there is an essential for online video converter.


The best tool that will assist you with changing records is this online video converter programming. This platform gives you with various advantages and, in this way, clients should utilize this device. When you begin contrasting this device and different converters accessible on the web, an online video converter stands apart from the rest. This instrument beat and has remarkable highlights. A client will discover unfathomable highlights like file compression, altering, storing and so forth. It’s a free platform to utilize; in this way, visit the site and convert all recordings or sound that once neglected to play.

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