120+ Best PFP for discord to use in 2022

Good Discord PFP

Discord newbies frequently struggle to understand the interface. It is simply there, addressing you. Unfortunately, you don’t even know where to begin. Well, if you ask me, I think a wonderful place to start is with the greatest PFP for Discord!

What could be better than making your profile photo look badass? Thus, you can trust cool PFP for discord for the same. And if you are finding difficulty in finding the best, we are here for you. Let us begin with some best PFP for discord.

PFP for discord

Pokemon Discord PFP

I believe you need an Anime Discord PFP if Midoriya’s adventure motivates you or if you are a die-hard Demon Slayer fan. Here, we have some PFPs of anime boys from Discord. These include from Jujutsu Kaisen to Black Clover!

Pokemon Discord PFP Aesthetic

Good Discord PFP

If you’re seeking a reasonable yet excellent Discord PFP, it is easy for you. By choosing your favourite, you can climb a ladder from Discord newbie to less newbie-y.

Funny Discord PFP

You must adore the expression on someone’s face when you make them laugh. And I have no doubt that you enjoy using a feather to tease everyone’s funny bone. Since you’re already a member of Discord, you probably want to follow suit. A funny Discord PFP can serve as an icebreaker and make you seem like the goofy dude you really are.


How long is the cooldown for discord pfp?

According to an official tweet from Discord Developers, the amount of changes is not the restriction, but rather the rate, therefore a user’s profile picture can only be changed twice in a 10-minute period before entering a dark cooldown state until the end of that time.

The frequent requirement to update your friend’s device and every server you’ve joined with each Avatar change causes problems for the Discord servers. Avatar modifications made quickly and repeatedly could make servers confused. Because of this potential problem, Discord was fixed with the Cooldown Feature.

What is a good PFP for Discord?

Over time, Discord has developed into a sizable platform for multi-media chat. The gaming industry has been aggressively using it, and numerous firms have begun to encourage its usage. After they’ve set up their accounts, however, few individuals alter them, mostly because they are unaware of things like the optimum Discord profile photo size.

If you want to create a unique profile, it’s essential to comprehend how every feature of the site functions. You must modify your profile if you’re using it for commercial purposes.

An aspect ratio of 1:1 and a size of 128 by 128 pixels are suggested for Discord profile images. For animated Discord profile images, you can typically utilise JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats. The profile photo may only be up to 8 MB in size.

Is NSFW PFP allowed on Discord?

No, regardless of your age, NSFW PFPs are not allowed.

How to resize gif for discord pfp?

Without a Nitro account, you can share GIF pictures on Discord, but you would need to compress the GIF image before using it. This is how:

  • Visit the website for the online GIF compressor, then drag & drop or choose a file to upload.
  • Press the Compress button after that.
  • Submit a file to the GIF compressor
  • Download the result and, if necessary, rename it.
  • Upload the file to chat in the Discord client, then transmit it by pressing Enter.
  • send and upload GIFs to the Discord conversation


So, you see, these are a few details about the best PFP for discords. The guide is perfect for beginners to help them get the best from discord.


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