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Let’s take a look at Zenitsu pfp. Despite a rather startling entrance, Zenitsu rapidly showed his benevolence. Tanjiro only had one rice ball when he gave it to Zenitsu. Zenitsu divided it and gave Tanjiro the other half out of worry for his new buddy. This was immediately after his debut, but it shown that Zenitsu really cares about the people in his immediate vicinity.

Zenitsu suffered a severe thrashing from Inosuke while being aware that a demon was residing in Tanjiro’s box. Zenitsu was severely beaten by the boar-headed killer, but he wouldn’t let go of the box since he knew Tanjiro valued the contents inside it more than his life.

Jigoro Kuwajima is the master or sensei of Zenitsu. He taught Zenitsu how to fight demons in a stern yet loving manner. The youngster looked up to him as a father figure and made an effort to meet his sensei’s standards at all times. Jigoro was someone he liked and adored, and Zenitsu was able to overcome his cowardice because of his affections for Jigoro.

After meeting and getting to know Nezuko for the first time, he developed a serious infatuation on her. He requests Tanjiro’s permission to wed her. He is exceedingly friendly to Nezuko and constantly shields her from demon slayers despite the fact that he knows she is a demon. He constantly follows Nezuko. Openly admitting his love for Nezuko, Zenitsu. He attacks anybody who tries to murder Nezuko. That demonstrates how much he loves Nezuko. He consistently keeps her safe, and in later years, it seems that he married her.

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