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Bluehost is the web hosting company founded by Matt Heaton in the year 1996. Since 2010 it is owned by the Endurance International Group and hosted around more than 2 million domains all over the world. It is one of the most popular hosting companies in the world. WordPress also prefer Bluehost for providing web hosting services. Here you can find the Bluehost coupon and steps to redeem it. Bluehost is the best for those customers who are looking for the Linux hosting, shared hosting and reselling packages. Bluehost provides web solution services.

Let's take a quick look at how to redeem the Bluehost coupon!

Step 1: Claim your discount by clicking following the “Activate the Bluehost Free Domain Offer” button and you’ll be redirected to the Bluehost official website.

Activate Bluehost $2.65/ Month and FREE domain offer

Step 2: Once you click on the button you will be redirected to the official website. The good thing is there is no copy/paste the coupon is applied automatically.

Step 3: Once done, all you have to do is add personal details and process with the payment. Once the payment is processed you will be redirected to the services page and you will get an email about your server credentials.

List of products Bluehost offers-

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Virtual private server hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud sites

Features of Bluehost hosting

Let’s take a look at the features of Bluehost web hosting.

Bluehost coupon – Coupon of a free domain.

Bluehost company provides a variety of packages and offers to its customers. Customers can take advantage of Bluehost coupons which help to get up to 63% discount. When you purchase the hosting packages, it offers a free domain.

Bluehost provide services based on cPanel

It is a Linux based web hosting control panel which is the most powerful panel on the web. It simplifies the process of web hosting. It has 3 tier structures, automation tools, and a graphic interface. It can serve to administrator, reseller and website owner. It uses an automated standard system and has access to the API based system. C panel provides unlimited space, domain, and bandwidth.

Bluehost is based on WordPress-

bluehost coupon

WordPress is installed on the server of the hosting services. It is based on PHP and MySQL. Top web hosting websites all over the world uses WordPress. It is the best open source content management system. It has a dedicate team of word press experts who provide quick services.

24/7 customer support-

bluehost coupon code

They have the live chat option, toll-free customer care contact number and round the clock customer support. The company offers quick assistance with their expert technical team.

Bluehost enable their customer to use web site and blogs at the same time. It does not require extra cost. The blog will be the subdomain of the website. A blog can also be used with different domains along with the website domain.

How to redeem the Bluehost coupon code?

Bluehost offers a variety of coupons and promo codes for web hosting, blogs, e-commerce and much more. Check the official website for pricing and another offer. Get the maximum benefit for the best services.

To get the discount to apply the Bluehost discount coupon by following the instruction below to redeem the coupon.

#1 Sign Up

Go to the official website and the first thing is to sign up. Fill up the basic form with email id and password and sign up. Go to option on the top bar in the name of “great deals”. Bluehost offers various platforms like WordPress, Xenofree, etc. Check out the discounted hosting promotion displayed on the home page after sign up. Select the package which suits your need. Bluehost covers all the services from web hosting to the SSL certificate. It has all the products and services under one roof.

#2 Deals and offers

After going through the deals and offers. The next step is shopping online. Just like other shopping websites, select the services with the best offer. Add the services to and either proceed to continue for more shopping or proceed to checkout.  It is a simple process you need to be prepared with the payment details for checking out.

#3 Create Account

Now just enter all the details on the checkout page. It will ask for name, address, mode of payment, etc. Select the bank and enter the payment account details. The account will be set up after providing all the necessary details.

#4 Selection of Domain

After the submit button the server will ask for the domain option. If you have already purchased domain just enter the domain name and continue. If you have not purchased the domain then enter the domain name and check the availability. In the web hosting package, Bluehost does not charge for the new domain name. Continue the next step for payment.

#5 Payment and Bluehost coupon

After the selection of Domain name. The next step is opting for payment. Here one has to write the billing details, website details, account information, and other important details. Before going for payment, a pop-up will be reflected on the screen asking for the Bluehost coupon code. Enter the coupon code in the field.

It will show the chart asking for Account plan, Hosting Price, Setup, Site Backup, Search Engine Jumpstart, site lock security, saving and total.  In this chart, you can alter the package plan as per the need. It will show the total discount.

The payment will be done after selecting the mode of payment and filling up the bank details and click on submit button.

After the payment, the team of Bluehost will connect with you for further assistance.

Tips to use Bluehost coupon

The Bluehost coupon is for one-time use. Select the plan which gives you the maximum benefit at the minimum price. Click on the link to promotional offer to get the discount. It is recommended not to apply for a one-year offer as it does not give maximum benefits. If you are looking for long term benefits then go for lifetime membership and offers. You can go for multiple years of hosting. If you are thinking about the up gradation and all. Then, in that case, all the offers serve you with the advancement tool. All the packages can be upgraded with the time

Benefits of using Bluehost coupon

The Bluehost company gives lots of benefits to its customers. It saves lots of customer money. It is the best available option available all over the globe. Other company charges a lot of amount in giving hosting services. The Bluehost charge nominal charges from their valuable customers.

Benefits of having a web hosting from the Bluehost

Technical support like a hundred percent uptime guarantee, server lifecycle between 4-6 years, backups, complete protection, customer support, security staff, multiple SSL certificates, etc. It gives support in various forms like 24/7 technical support, email support, phone support, live chat, and in-house team support. The pricing is also suitable for all types of clients. Bluehost coupon is offered for first-time users to avail maximum benefits and money-back guarantee. It is the customer based company so gives 100 percent satisfaction to their customers.


Q- Is domain registration is free of cost?

Yes, Bluehost offers a free domain with no extra cost in their hosting packages. For the initial level, the registration of the domain is free for one year. And for high level plans the domain registration is free for lifetime. For more details, you can have live chat on the website.

Q- Are there are any options for EMI?

No, the payment billing cycle is for twelve months, twenty-four months and thirty-six months.

Q- Do hosting plan prices increases annually after applying a Bluehost coupon?

The Bluehost coupon is applicable once for the first invoice of the order. For availing a maximum discount, you have to apply for the high-level plans. However, once the plan will be renewed you have to make the full payment.

Q- What is the Guarantee?

This is a very important doubt which remains in the customer’s mind. The guarantee of the services. Bluehost understands from the customer point of view hence offers a money-back guarantee. All new hosting accounts can cancel the plan within three days of purchase and can get a full refund. One can get only the hosting fee refunded before thirty days of the plan. Terms and conditions applied in it.

Q- What about privacy?

Privacy is maintained. When you disclose your personal information with Bluehost, the information shared is confidential. The non-disclosure agreement is done between the company and a client for each and every service offered. 

Q- How is the Bluehost coupon beneficial?

The coupon allows you to save lots of money. The saved money can be used in another important thing like e-marketing, designing, content, etc. The Bluehost offers the best services to the clients.

Q- What about the site lock security?

Bluehost provides the software called Site lock. It has a security feature that protects the website from spam, malware monitoring, etc. One can display this feature on the website as it gains the end of customer trust.

Let’s Wrap Up

In 2005, Bluehost Has been recommended by Word Press as the best web hosting service provider. It offers various solutions based on Magento, Zen Cart, Cube Cart, etc. In one of the research, it was found Bluehost has hosted 3875000 million of the website. Now you can trust the company. It is the safest option to go for web hosting. It is the crucial decision for start-ups who decide which web hosting company is best.

Bluehost is the best company that gives quality services at the best rate. That is why it is ranked in the top 20 list of web hosting companies. Try to get the products and services from Bluehost with confidence. It serves the client best.

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