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Bluehost v/s Arvixe Review

Do you know which website hosting company provides you the best plans to suit your needs? Most people get confused between Arvixe and Bluehost.

Following is an Arvixe vs. Bluehost comparison that looks at the performance, features, pricing, pros and cons and more of these web hosts, to help you select between these two popular web hosting companies.

Key features like uptime, Website Speed, Server Response Time, Benchmark Test, Customer Support, Control Panel and Demo of Control Panel, Credibility were kept in mind.

Note: “Techlogitic team does not hold any responsibility of changes in plans and their respective bundles and features.”

Arvixe v/s Bluehost | Up-time

Arvixe provides an uptime guarantee of 99.9% with each of their hosting plans. If a customer encounters less uptime than their guarantee, Arvixe ensures to refund them for the whole month of hosting. They’re positioned to give such a guarantee because of what they say the “Arvixe Advantage”; their customized support system comprises a team of server specialists and programmers that work 24 hours a day to ensure that everything is functioning in order.

Bluehost follows an uptime guarantee, but with an added attribute that most hosting companies have yet to execute. One of their hosting plans called the “Cloud Sites” stacks the real website in the cloud and on two other different devices. While Arvixe gives Cloud Hosting as well, Bluehost doesn’t charge extra amount for the work, and if something would ever crash the website, the backup variant of the website would automatically take its place.

Arvixe wins this round, solely as they use an exclusive disposable system to be certain that its websites get a near 100% uptime, which gives the company just an extra edge over Bluehost.

Arvixe Vs. Bluehost: Website Speed

Website speed is important for any business because slow load times can reflect in high bounce rates. Both Bluehost and Arvixe provide a range of specialized hosting packages, comprising Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Magento.

On testing hundreds of websites for both hosting companies, a typical website of 1 MB page size, Arvixe load times averages around 1.2 seconds, while Bluehost websites averaged around 1.64 seconds. Even though the remainder in load times is less than a half a second, this gap grew bigger dramatically when website speed was examined on websites with flash graphics and video backgrounds.

On outpacing Bluehost by nearly a half second, Arvixe emerged out the winner.

Arvixe Vs. Bluehost: Server Response Time

Server response time, similar to website speed, is also a significant factor that must be assessed when looking into both Arvixe and Bluehost.

Bluehost guarantees quicker speeds for its “Business Pro” hosting customers. It also means that customers will likely have to pay more money to assure that servers answer to requests from the website in a reasonable amount of time.

Now to mention, despite of the pack chose, the server response time is same. They are able to do this because the company was established comparatively recently: in 2003. They’ve used high – grade servers and software within their data centres.


Max Response Time: 2.1 seconds

Minimum Response Time: 900.0 milliseconds


Max Response Time: 2.6 seconds

Minimum Response Time: 915.53 milliseconds

Based on statistics, Arvixe is the clear winner in this round by providing quicker server response time to their users.

Comparing Key Features

Domain Registration: Both hosts are domain registrars. Bluehost also gives a free year of domain registration for new sign-ups. Arvixe provides a free domain for as long as you have the plan, and it gives a free transfer if you have a domain from before.

Website Builder: Bluehost offers the drag-and-drop Weebly Basic, that is restricted to 5 web pages. Basic is free of cost. For additional features and pages, an upgrade to Weebly Premium is accessible for an extra fee amount. The Arvixe packs in a RvSiteBuilder, that comes with a WSYWIG editor and 600 web templates included.

Databases: Bluehost and Arvixe both provide their users with unlimited MySQL databases. Arvixe also supports PostgreSQL databases and Email Accounts. Bluehost and Arvixe both offer unlimited email accounts and email forwarding.

WordPress Hosting: Bluehost and Arvixe both offer organized WordPress plans. Managed WordPress plans are hosted on optimized servers attributing caching and additional safety to increase performance and stability.

The large benefit of managed WordPress hosting is that backups of your site, and updating WordPress and its plug-ins, are done for you, letting you emphasize on your site’s content.

Managed WordPress plans usually are costlier than a typical shared plan. But, Arvixe’s shared hosting and managed WordPress plans are priced the same.

eCommerce Solution: Bluehost gives free shopping carts through its control panels, such as Magento, PrestaShop, ZenCart, and others. Arvixe also fortifies some free and commercial eCommerce options, a lot of them with 24/7 support and self – activating the installation.

Backups: Bluehost makes daily, weekly, and monthly backups. SiteBackup Pro, that offere a restore and backup option is also bundled with a few bucks. This software is free included with the shared Business Pro.

Arvixe takes daily snapshot backups of its servers. Despite the backup policies, it is suggested that manual backups be made and stored off-site for extra safety and authenticity.

Hosting Security: To fight cyber-attacks, Bluehost offers the basic SiteLock service free on its lower levels, and SiteLock Pro free on its upper-level plans. Bluehost has internal processes in order to protect against DDoS attacks.

Arvixe examines and proactively functions against DDoS threats, as well as gives protection against brute force attacks. Arvixe plans provide with SpamAssassin and Spamhaus filtering for email.

All the available plans bundles a SSL certificate with it. Bluehost’s highest shared plan, Business Pro, comes with a free Private SSL certificate.

Arvixe used to offer free shared SSL for its Linux shared hosting plans, but it looks that free SSLs are no more available for Linux or Windows plans, except the Business plans, which have free SSL for as long as you continue a plan with Arvixe.

Control Panel: Arvixe uses the industry standard cPanel. Bluehost also uses cPanel but has considerably modified the interface.

Affiliate and Reseller Programs: Arvixe has a reseller program. Bluehost also has a reseller program, but it collaborates with third-party ResellerClub for the service. Bluehost’s affiliate program pays $65 per referral.

You could be getting anywhere between $70 to $135 if you become an affiliate for Arvixe, depending on the number of referrals you can send to the platform each month.

Extra features

Bluehost provides you $150 in ad credits which could be great for a small business, but Arvixe offers even more- $200. They both will allow you to seamlessly migrate your website that is being hosted on another platform. On Arvixe, one migration is available for free while Bluehost charges a premium for the same.

Apart ffrom this, ‘unlimited’ options at a low price are also available. However, we believe that Arvixe has the edge over Bluehost, considering that its website builder, cPanel and Windows and PostgreSQL support make it a more lucrative option.

Ease of Use

Control Panel: Bluehost uses cPanel, but with a modified interface, so regular cPanel users will have some minor changes to make. Arvixe uses the regular user-friendly, icon-based cPanel.

Few clicks of Installation process: the service works over a MOJO Marketplace one-click installer for installing more than a couple of services. On the other hand, Arvixe uses a Softaculous as the installation backbone.

Website Navigation: Both Bluehost’s and Arvixe’s sites give the data you need to choose a plan, with helpful comparison charts for comparing tiers in their plans. Both are clean, uncluttered, and user-friendly.

It ends up with a tie as both Bluehost and Arvixe have one-click installers, use cPanel, and rank very highly in user-friendliness and ease of usage.

Technical and Customer Support

Bluehost could do a lot better when it comes to customer support. Several reviews online suggest that users are not impressed with their sluggish support. This is a problem that has plagued almost every EIG service. Though it still rates above average, we can’t expect the ratings to remain high, considering the ever-growing number of dissatisfied customers.

Both the platforms provide you live chat 24/7. Bluehost provides round the clock phone support, but Arvixe has limited office hours, available for limited hours between Monday and Friday. Both of them have a great knowledge base with an active blog included.

Arvixe reputation has suffered in recent times, but it still maintains a better customer review rating.

Final Call

Since both web hosting companies have a cut-throat competition, it would be unfair to pick one over the other. We believe that Arvixe is overall a better option. All in all, Arvixe has great customer reviews and provides a much better cost to service ratio.

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