Bluehost v/s DreamHost Review – Let’s see the Winner!

Bluehost v/s DreamHost Review

A website is incomplete without a reliable web hosting service. Web hosting is the primary function of site owners that create the portfolio of a user’s company as it reaches to the customers.

It’s evident that the World Wide Web is huge and ever-growing which makes it hard for websites to sustain their place and attract potential customers.  Web hosting comes as a lifesaver as it not only increases the reliability of the website but also gives it a modern look. Keeping this thing in mind choosing a web hosting company can be the hardest job for a website owner.

Today, most of the web hosting experts try to draw the attention of potential clients through the new servers with a better capacity to transfer data, amazing speed, and limitless assets. It is advised that a user thoroughly examine any organization before a deal. As of now Bluehost and Dreamhost are the two biggest service providers which have their own list of merits and demerits. Let’s check out a fair comparison between the two services.

Note: “The following plans are subject to change.”

Price Comparison

Price is one of the leading factors that are the eventual deal breakers in web hosting. Here is the cost summary of the hosting giants.

Bluehost pricing

Bluehost claims to have prospects from a multinational business as well as an individual concerned about budgeting. The company is popular for offering a lucrative initial term plan which helps a newbie to build a strong foundation for his website.  For the first 12 months of the registration, a user is provided with a $15.99 Domain Registration.

The basic plan manages a single website with a storage capacity of 50 GB and five e-mail accounts. Up to 25 subdomains can be managed with 1000 database tables. On the other hand, the pro package allows the management of unlimited websites with an infinite email accounts option, storage space, network bandwidth, subdomains, 3,000 database tables and a free dedicated IP.  Other packages revolve somewhere between these offers.

Dreamhost pricing

The cheapest plan to avail Dreamhost’s services is $7.95 per month that will include shared hosting and a subscription of two years. It also provides a user with advanced features in a shared hosting plan and the potion to try the plan on a monthly basis or for a bi-annual period.  The plans for the dedicated hosting option, start at $169 per month

The company is a bit on the expensive side in comparison to other web hosting providers, but the customer support, feature set and the flexibility and security of its plans make it worth all the expenses. Dreamhost also provides the longest money back guarantee period in the industry at 97 days.  If a user opts for the one-year plan, one will be liable to pay $10.95 a month and $7.95 if chosen the three-year plan. All in all, the service is expensive but do not hesitate if saving some extra dollars is the final call.

Dedicated hosting comparison

For some, dedicated hosting can be a game changer, and it does create a significant difference between the two contenders.


The OpenStack technology is used to build its hosting which increases its reliability with a minimum of four cores per server. It also provides the needed flexibility to tune performance according to a user’s needs.

The website uses a Raid level 1 support on its dedicated serves for higher performance.  The data is hence well protected from hackers giving it an edge over its competitors. Bluehost maintains an in-house hosting platform that hugely reduces costs and improves efficiency. The company also gives 30-day freedom to its users as part of its money back guarantee scheme.

Users working on the standard plan have the chance to work on a 4 x 2.5 GHz CPU, 4 GB of RAM, 1 TB of mirrored storage and 5 TB of bandwidth. People that go for the premium pack are allowed to work with a 4 x 3.3 GHz CPU, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of mirrored storage and 15 TB of bandwidth.


In dedicated hosting, Dreamhost has some serious advantage over Bluehost in various aspects of their plans. To start with, Dreamhost charges $169 per month from its users for a powerful dedicated hosting experience which is highly secured too.  In comparison to Bluehost, the company provides 12 cores whereas its competitor provides only four cores. Users are given a maximum of 64 GB RAM unlike the 16 GB RAM provided by Bluehost. It also provides SSD storage which is not available in Bluehost.

The company is able to handle max storage of 2 TB which is double the size managed by Bluehost. On one side, Bluehost supplies a bandwidth of 15 GB whereas Dreamhost has the capability to supply unlimited bandwidth to its users. The company also provides a free SSL certificate to its clients beyond a year which is not possible for Bluehost. Eventually, the number of features available in Dreamhouse crushes its competition comfortably.

VPS hosting comparison


The latest form of web hosting has recently gained popularity, and both our opponents have their best plans to attract customers one way or the other. Bluehost’s virtual private server is worth considering if a user needs high volumes of traffic, demand more power and have requirements that bars from using shared servers.

The company hosts three levels of Linux-based VPS hosting which is available in $29.99 per month which is available at $19.99 per month due to the current discount in prices. The offer provides 30 GB of solid-state storage, unlimited bandwidth, two cores and 30 days money back guarantee. On the higher side, a user can purchase the ‘ultimate plan’ that is available at $59.99 instead of the standard rate of $119.99. VPS hosting also offers discounts over long-term contracts just like the shared hosting plans. All the plans provide unlimited bandwidth and a 24/7 assistance.


Dreamhost provides a power packed and highly capable VPS hosting platform that can be availed at a minimum of $13.75 per month. The offer provides unlimited monthly data transfers and hosted domains. But the basic plan does not provide an impressive memory and storage values. It only provides 1 GB of RAM with 30 GB storage which is expandable to 8 GB RAM and 240 GB storage in the Enterprise VPS plan at $110 per month. These two components are the only difference makers in the otherwise similar 4 plans offered by the company.

Furthermore, the company provides a control panel which can be easily used to configure and maintain a website. A user can also opt for a pre-configured control panel to experience MySQL without any problem. One can also create an unlimited number of accounts which expands a user’s limitations of website promotion.

Hosting Comparison

WordPress hosting has become a success bar for web hosting providers, and both of our competitors are the official hosting providers for the popular website.


As a fact, Bluehost was the first officially recognized web hosting provider for WordPress. The company has a specifically optimized package for WordPress platform.  The service ensures speed even if the website has a lot of incoming traffic.  The service provider has given a lot of focus on security as they use SiteLock features including advanced CDN, SiteLock Security, and AitLock WAF. The VPS platform allows an isolated website which is not linked to other accounts that minimize the risk of hacking.

The company has released a special offer for WordPress users as it is providing the standard $7.99 plan at $2.95 per month. The plan owners will be given free domain and SSL certificate with a 24/7 support system backing their website.  It also uses the enhanced version of cPanel that eliminates any complexities in the usage of the website.


The specific hosting package by Dreamhost is known as DreamPress 2. The plan provides benefits like precise optimizations, automatic backups, and WordPress security upgrades. The same pack comes with unlimited email use, 30 GB of storage, free WordPress themes, monthly data transfers, dedicated WordPress support staff, 1-click WordPress installation, scalable and optimized server environments.

Once in WordPress, one will be able to develop the website effortlessly. As per users, the supporting team quickly responses every time someone faces an issue or has a doubt. On an average, the users do not spend more than a minute at the support service portal which is great in comparison to its competitors. All in all, Dreamhost is much better when integrating it with WordPress.

Service comparison

Regardless of the type of business, customer service is essential to expect loyalty from clients and web hosting is not an exception.


Bluehost provides 24/7 telephone support system with web chat and a ticket-based system to assist its users in eliminating any problem arising in the system. They are also ready to guide a new user in setting up a website and provide quick tips for its better management.

The service is most often liked by small-time businesses that are in need of professional assistance at affordable prices. On the other hand, the most irritating aspect pointed out by users is its speed which cannot be trusted at times. Some of its users also point out the bad experience they had with the customer support, but the numbers were not good enough to create a significant impact on customer service review.


More or less the company has satisfied customers that have rated the service just below excellent. It should be noted that the company was recently included in WordPress’s list of official web hosts which notifies its increasing popularity among the users. The support staff has been highly regarded by most of the users due to its effectiveness and quick resolving techniques.

The customers can also go for live chats with support providers who pay a monthly call back fee. In case someone have not paid the monthly fee then a call back from the support staff will cost extra money. one can also get in touch with them via Twitter, and they have extensive knowledge of WordPress which helps newbie users to understand how things work. Though expensive than other, Dreamhost provides an impressive customer support service to its users.

Overall Comparison


Even after some minor issue Bluehost can be acknowledged as a legendary web hosting service provider. It can be a game changer for the website or e-commerce store. The company has developed a specific market that offers a competitive but price effective product which is fast and reliable at the same time. It currently serves over two million customers all over the world, and the numbers are increasing every day.

The service is not suitable for heavy duty websites but is effective for small-time businesses. The downtime is very rare, and it does not last long. The support is slow at times, but the knowledge base is filled with answers to almost any query. Although the prices are low yet the renewals are expensive without a monthly payment option.


Dreamhost does not provide a typical approach to hosting and its inclusion of cloud services has expanded its function more than ever.  Other web hosting platforms have developed new control panels. But the company has stuck with its custom-made control panel to stay out of the crowd. The 97-day guarantee period to refund customer’s money has been a huge boon for the users who were interested but skeptical of using Dreamhost’s services.

The service is best suited for people who do not have any issue with high prices and want one of the best services possible. Moreover, the company has been able to develop a niche of clients that have total faith in its actions and decisions. Dreamhost can be regarded as the more expensive yet a lot easier to use web hosting platform than others.

Final Call

As per the above comparison, it seems like Dreamhost is slightly better than Bluehost in customer service and speed. On the other hand, Bluehost comes victorious in reliability pricing. Both the competitors have their pros and cons, and it would be hard to acknowledge one as a clear winner. These web hosting platforms cater to completely different clients, and their comparison has become a bit unfair at multiple levels.

But as we have to announce a winner, we will stick with Dreamhost. Even after being expensive it is not only fast, supportive but is also unorthodox and easy to use. The comparison is bound to happen in future without the last standing winner as both the websites are working to aggregate their pros as high as possible. For now, it is safe to say that a little bit more expense can be advocated if the service provides higher value which will lead to better results.

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