How to Design a Bullet Proof Marketing Strategy?

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A marketing strategy is the backbone of the success of a new and existing business brand. Once the product is manufactured, it needs proper medium through which it can reach out to the right audience and convince them to buy it. It is surely the quality and functioning of the product that makes or breaks the sales but to reach that point, it is necessary to have a running marketing strategy. The shift of marketing paradigm these days is towards the digital approach and this approach is a combination of several different styles of online marketing.

Thus, to have a firm grip over the sales and return on investment of the company, the business marketers need to have a bullet proof marketing strategy. The research says that Google receives 3.5 billion searches every day. Any idea what is on the other end that gets all the visitors? Is it a business company’s website offering its product, a firm like an advertising agency offering their service or a pure entertaining or information blog providing party?

Either way, whoever it is, it is earning a great fortune from all the publicity and promotion on the internet. You need to do the same. The combined consensus of the advertising agencies in Dubai claims that the businessmen now use online platforms and social media networks for promotion of their product. The trend of paper publication and advertisement is declining and might end in the coming future.

Thus, you need to understand how to design a strong marketing strategy. Here are the five key points you should know about your marketing strategy.

#1 Marketing strategy’s goals list

Before starting every project, the leader always writes down some goals that he aims to achieve by the end of the project. Similarly, every marketing strategy needs to have some solid goals. Firstly, you need to understand your brand and deduce what you want from it. Is it the optimum sales you are interested in or you want to make record breaking profits? Moreover, what do you want your customers to think about you? Have you done a detailed research about the needs of the customers? What are you offering them? Answers to questions like these must be added in your goals list along with the time duration in which you wish to achieve them. Also, decide the different marketing modes like through the online websites, blogs, and social media networks and so on.

#2 Pick your target audience


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Next, comes the target audience. The whole of the marketing strategy usually revolve around the people to whom it is concerned. Thus, find out the type of people who your brand is targeting. This can be done by carrying out analysis on the type of visitor who visits your website. Look into the demographics and behavioral instincts of the visitors to find out the type of people who are converted into potential leads. Once you are done with this, you can design your advertisement, promo material, content and videos accordingly.

#3 Adopt SEO and enhance the user experience


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The SEO is a certain set of rules that help you improve your position in the online market. It helps the websites and blogs to rank among the top websites. This is why it is important that you understand the Google’s constantly changing algorithms about it and mold your marketing style accordingly. It is what helps you rise in the eyes of the visitors and also helps in gaining more and more website traffic. Moreover, invest in local SEO. You can drive it through the reviews, citations and direction guides.

SEO is what offers a great user experience these days. To formulate the bullet proof marketing strategy, you need to favor the audience in every possible way. Some of the ways are as follows:

  • By offering informative content to drive more traffic
  • Pleasant, minimalistic and easy to use web design
  • Clean and clear website navigations
  • Decrease the bounce rate by any possible means
  • Enhance social engagement of the audience with the content

#4 March into the field and win the game. But how?

Ah! This phrase is used just to wake you up from all the table work and boost your confidence for the real game. Once you have followed the three above-mentioned steps, you need to bring it on! This means that you need to spread out to the people. Some of the key tips in this regard are as follows:

Extend your roots in the social media networks

Look around! Which brand isn’t present on the social media platforms to impress the viewers these days? Millions of people are using social media apps and websites every minute. Put your business on the social network and extend its roots among the people.

Work on the content strategy

The content must be good! What make it good are the originality, authenticity, style and interactive tone of the content. The trend of visual content is on the run these days as well. Thus, invest in informative and promotional short videos as much as you can.

Ensure responsive websites

The technological advancement shows that there are multiple functional devices and many are yet to come. Each have online web search capability and this is why you need to code your website in a multiple device responsive fashion.

#5 Data and insights


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The collection of qualitative data that can bring change in the digital marketing strategy’s success is worth a million dollar idea. Predictive analysis is always appreciated if someone wants to measure the success of a marketing strategy and its goals. Thus, every now and then, make it your habit to conduct an analysis of your existing practice. Prioritize the collected data according to its priority and then see where bringing change would improve the business’s position.

This is how the game of designing an unchallengeable marketing strategy is played. We have done our best to mention each and every possible point in the article. Go through it again and again until you get the gist of the content. Digital marketing strategy is the key to success in the coming years. Hold it tightly!

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