Detailed Overview of the Com Express

Overview of the Com Express

The COM Express can be defined as a group of SFF or Small Form Factor and COM or Computer on Module suitable for varied applications in the commercial and aero industries. It is manufactured with the recent chipsets and well-designed protocols that perform the serial signalling function. Some of the noteworthy features of COM Express include PCI Express GEN 3, SATA, 10GbE, USB 3.0 and a high-resolution interface.

Overview of the Com Express

Recently, COM Express has come out with their latest model, the COM Express 10, suitable for operating in low power platforms. The COM Express 10 is the right choice for industries, transportation, the medical field, and controllers used outdoors. The COM Express 10 Mini is the size of a credit card and features entry-level processing, extremely low power consumption, supports graphics, and provides optimized I/O for mobile applications.

Features of COM Express

Besides imparting the best performance for available small form factor standards and its related products, the unique ways in which COM Express 10 can be used are as follows:

  1. The COM Express can function singularly as a single board computer
  2. The COM Express can act as a low-storey in between the baseboard or the carrier board that is contained of the user’s application-specific I/O

Plugging in the COM Express module into a carrier board does not require much effort. Instead, it reduces the time and cost that would otherwise have been used if a product was needed to be developed. In addition, for installing the COM Express into a carrier board, the user need not have prior experience working with it. Neither does he require a detailed understanding of the complexities associated with the high-speed signalling or chipset.

To increase the lifespan of a product, installing the COM Express can help as it enhances the performance of the product at a lower rate. Various board sizes and COM Express form factors are discussed in the standard chipset as a balance needs to be maintained between the performance and cost of the SFF applications.

Key benefits

The premium benefits of using COM Express 10 are as follows:

  • It offers impressive performance with high-speed serial interfaces. Some of the high-speed serial interfaces include PCI Express GEN 3, SATA, CAN, HDMI, LVDS, high-resolution graphics, etc.
  • The COM Express functions singularly and can operate in combination with a carrier board that the user has supplied, thereby featuring I/O that works better for applications.
  • When the COM Express is clubbed with a carrier board, one can experience instant performance upgrades.
  • The COM Express has severe versions that stabilize cost, performance and features. While doing so, it also maintains a level of parity with the connectors, signals and mounting holes wherever required.


Presently, the COM Express is available in three types: the COM Express 6, 7 and 10. However, Com Express 6 and 7 have a lot of similarities. So, several companies have come up to offer the desired COM Express platforms, carriers and modules for smooth functioning.

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