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Cheat Engine (CE) is an open source android app which is used to implement tricks and cheats in your favorite video games. This enables you to manipulate and modify the parameters in the game the way you want them to, depending on your own need and convenience.

It is also known as ‘open source memory scanner’, ‘hex editor’ and ‘debugger’ and was primarily built for Windows based operating systems. Cheat Engine makes it easy to modify the memory of an app and clear data. However, the app may need frequent recompilation to avoid detection by the games installed on your phone.

The only limitation with the app is that it supports only ARM based android phones. If you use non-ARM phones, you will have to look for alternatives for the app.

Using the app is really simple. You need to launch it prior to the start of the game and keep it running in the background.

Once this app is loaded, you are free to choose the game’s executable file using which you can modify some of the important variables such as the chances a user gets, number of lives or any other game specific parameter.

It works on the principle of searching for values provided by the user with a huge variety of options to sort and find through the phone’s memory.

Cheat Engine was created by Eric Heijnen and its latest update was released in October 2016. However, even though it has been more than a year since the app was updated, it continues to be popular. We still expect further release of updates making the app more robust, stable, bug free and easily implementable.


Cheat Engine possesses the capability of dissembling the memory of a process. You can then make alterations to the game’s memory and get your lives, coins or other values back. You can get infinite ammunition, health or points in any game. Every time you are stuck, just run the app and you will be good to go.

The Direct3D manipulation tools gives you X-ray vision (literally!). Look through bricks and walls or zoom in and out with ease to dive deep into your surroundings and prepare for upcoming challenges in advance. Bring any texture to the center of the screen by using a cursor. That’s it!

This technique is used to create Aimbots. These bots can be very helpful in multiplayer shooting games. Get varying levels of automated target acquisition and score higher than your friends each time.

Aimbots are quite helpful in all shooting games. If your games have a TriggerBot, you can use the Aimbot along with it to shoot an opponent automatically whenever he appears in your field of target.

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However, the main aim of the Cheat Engine APK is to provide more value in single player games and its use in multiplayer games is highly discouraged.

Code injection mechanism

This is one of the most important and popular features of the Cheat Engine APK. The code injection function works really well as an anti-virus. You can inject a code into any task or process to make it more vulnerable to attacks. If you are ready to give up a few features, you could even avoid false identification. However, this is only good for the advanced users.

The reason why these false identifications comes into existence is due to the use of Trojan rootkits. These rootkits allow access to many files in the program, helping the change of values as well. A host of anti-virus programs, especially those with heuristic diagnosis, count this as a suspicious activity, leading to false identification.

If you have an older version of Android, running an older version of the Cheat Engine APK, you will encounter this anti-virus tagging issues. With newer versions, this problem doesn’t usually arise. So, you can use code injection mechanism very safely and easily on the newer phones.

How to use Cheat Engine?

Ensure that you have a ROOTED device. The app doesn’t work well on unrooted systems. Rooting is very device. Download a rooting app like Kingoroot on your mobile device or PC.

In a few clicks, your device will be rooted completely and will now be open to a plethora of amazing apps too. You can also unroot your device with these apps if you ever change your mind.

  • Go to the official website of Cheat Engine and download their APK on your device.
  • Once the file is download, click on it install. Allow the permissions it wants and you are ready to go.
  • Pick any game you want to cheat in and start playing.
  • Find the right configurable value that you want to change/modify. This value can be anything like health, money, skill points, gems, etc.
  • Start the CE and select the ‘launch ceserver and connect locally’ option.
  • To establish a connection locally, your device requires Root. You can ignore the remote system option as it is not useful to install and run the app in this case.
  • Click and go back to your game and choose the CE option which is embedded inside your game as an overlay.
  • Permit the CE and allow it to automatically attach itself to your game app process.
  • You can also choose your game manually to attach CE with. You are now ready to start scanning the value you wish to hack.
  • Scan for the value which you want to change after pausing your game. If you are unsure of the value type, the safe option is to set it to all and set it to unknown initial value.
  • If you wish to narrow down your list then you need to go back to the game, resume playing and change the value through the home gameplay option. Now, go back to the CE and scan again till you are left with a minimum set of values, ideally less than 10.
  • Once you have activated the list and values, you need to add them to your address list from your scan list and provide them a random value such as 9999999. Select/activate the checkbox present right adjacent to them and you are good to go.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully setup Cheat Engine and tweaked it gain points, coins or lives in the game of your choice.
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Here are a few popular games in which you can cheat with the help of Cheat Engine APK.

  • Age of Empires
  • The Binding of Isaac
  • Civilization V
  • FTL: Faster than light
  • Unholy heights
  • Sim City 4
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Sanctum 2
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Borderlands 2
  • GTA
  • Dark Souls

Game trainers

This is an advanced feature of the Cheat Engine APK. You can use the existing tables in the game to produce game trainers. Even though the trainers generated by this method are very large, some could prove helpful in the middle of a challenging game.

It is because of the size of these trainers that they are used mostly for prototyping and testing purposes. However, you can make use of their tables to generate a trainer for yourself.

Some websites provide you CE trainers as well. They are also equally helpful but they are not as popular. This is because of Lua, which generates better quality trainers for the users. Lua quickly gained prominence in the gaming world because it allows you to replicate your trainers. You can use its intelligent cognitive systems based on neural networking and heuristic search to produce different versions of a trainer quickly and easily.

Using Cheat Engine APK is not easy. Therefore, you will be getting a detailed tutorial while using the app to walk you through the usage methods. Its official website also consists of pre-configured cheats for over a hundred games. You can use these pre-configured cheats to quickly make progress in the game of your choice without going through a complicated cheat configuration process.

Even though Cheat Engine is not the most powerful game memory editor available on the market, it still brings massive value to the users by helping you find cheats in games and using them to your full advantage.

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