Download Mobdro APK 2018 – Free Live TV & Online Video Streamings


Mobdro AppDo you like watching movies and live sporting events on your phone? If yes, then you must have to subscribe for various streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video and more. Don’t you think you are paying too much for these movies and sports broadcasts?

Monthly subscriptions are already costing you a fortune. It would be better if you watch these movies and broadcasts for free. It will help you save some money and protect your wallet from daylight theft.

Why download Mobdro APK?

Over the years, it has been very difficult for people to avoid entertainment expenses. Though these expenses are completely over-the-top and charge you on a monthly basis instead of a per-title basis, you end up paying a huge sum to your entertainment service providers, just to keep your subscription going.

Your credit card bills have been going high, simply because of these entertainment expenses. Imagine, if it was possible to get rid of all these expenses once and for all? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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This is exactly why Mobdro APK is helpful for you. It will help you in watching all your favorite movies and TV shows along with live sports broadcasts. You get all this and much more, absolutely free.

There are no costs involved. You don’t have to worry about paying a subscription fee and your next credit card bill will not give you a heart attack. In fact, you will happy to be able to save so much money.

How to download Mobdro APK                  

Mobdro comes in two versions, Free (or freemium) and the premium version. Both app versions allow you to stream any kind of entertainment you like and even share your streams with your friends. However, the free version comes with ads while the premium version doesn’t.

It is always better to download the free version. Even though it serves you ads, it provides you great entertainment. Use this app for a month and if you like it, then pay for the premium version. Here is how you can download this app.

Go to your device settings and click on security settings. Go to device administration and click on Unknown Sources. A toggle will turn green, notifying to you that you can now download applications from third parties as well. When this button is turned off, you can only get applications by downloading them from the Google Play Store. Make sure that it is turned on so your Mobdro app can work.

  • Go to the official website of Mobdro (or any other trusted website) and click on the download button.
  • Your app will be downloaded to the phone instantly.
  • When you click on the downloaded file, you will see a popup, asking you to install the new app. Click on install.
  • Your app will install automatically. Now it is free to use.
  • Open the app. A window will open with lots of option to choose from.

Continue using the free version with ads or pay for the premium version and get rid of ads while getting the ability to download your favorite movies.

What is the difference between Mobdro Free and Premium version?

The free version of the app lets you stream numerous movies, TV shows and sports broadcasts on your phone. However, it serves you ads as well. The premium version is completely ad free and even provides Chromecast integration. As a result of this, you get an extremely entertaining application with free downloadable movies and with a one-time payment that can even be used on Chromecast. Also, you can look for Root Master Apk Download – One-Click Android Rooting at TechSmarti.

Can I download the app from Google Play Store?

No. The Mobdro APK is a third-party app that cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store. Therefore, you will have to get it directly from the developer’s website or from the other trusted websites. There is no other way in which you can download this app.

Don’t worry. Google Play Store will not penalize you for using this app. In general, Android phones come with easy rooting options and can be modify to run third party apps with ease. Hence, you don’t have to worry about getting banned by Google or any other app or service provider for using this app.

There is, however, one thing that you should keep in mind. When downloading this app, make sure that you are only depending on reliable sources. If you download the APK from sketchy websites, you expose your phone to viruses, spamware and spyware which could result in malfunctioning and even the breach of your personal data. So be safe and make sure that you download your app only from trusted sources.

Supported Channels on the app

There is a long list of supported channels, movies and shows you will find on this app. The most popular ones are listed below.

Movies- watch any movie in the action, adventure, mystery, animation, comedy or drama genre. Get access to hundreds of awesome documentaries as well.

News- Get the latest broadcasts from CNBC, CN International, NBC, CNN, SKY News and Fox.

TV Shows- Samurai Jack, Rick and Morty, The Office, Family Guy etc. are some of the most popular TV shows you can watch on Mobdro.

Channels- the most channels on this platform include CBS, PBS, Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic, The CW, FX and Cartoon Network.

Music- Magic TV, Kerrang TV, MTV and VH1 are some of the most popular music channels available on the app.

Sports- get everything from WWE TV to Liverpool TV, BT Sports, EIR Sports, Premier Sports, SKY sports and ESPN on the application and watch them anytime and anywhere.

Gaming- if you love gaming, this application won’t disappoint you. Get Runescape, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Power Rangers and even League of Legends in this app.

Animals- can’t get your eyes off cute animals and wildlife? This section of the app is for you. Here you can get live stream of wildlife across the world.

Tech- this section covers some of the major tech channels in the world including ISRO and NASA.

Podcasts- If you love to listen to podcasts while commuting, this app could be all that you are looking for. Get podcasts from Tedtalks, Classic Arts Showcase and The Miki Show.

Apart from these there are hundreds of other channels as well. You have a long list of entertainment options available right at your fingertips when you are using this app. Just click on the section you want and choose from countless new options added every day.

Things to know before downloading Mobdro APK

You need to have an Android version 4.2 or higher to run Mobdro APK. If you are running a version previously released, you will have to switch your device. The app isn’t illegal, nor is it criminal to stream video or other types of content to your mobile device. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about signing up to the application. It doesn’t ask you to sign in or register and doesn’t store your usage data or statistics as well. Hence, you should not have any issues related to your privacy.

Your app will work fine on a rooted device. However, make sure that you download it only from verified sources or your chances of getting viruses and spyware in the device increase. You can also use the Mobdro app on a Windows PC, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, Kodi, Android TV and other Smart TV environments. An application is available for each one of these environments so your Mobdro experience remains seamless everywhere.

However, to download this app on the PC, you will also have to download an Android emulator like Bluestacks. The Mobdro application comes in the form of APK which can only be downloaded on a smartphone. However, when you download and install an Android emulator, the same application can be installed on your PC as well. In addition to this, we suggest that you always keep your Mobdro app updated. This helps you in keeping your device safe, avoids and lags and helps in fixing bugs in the application as well.

How to use Mobdro for the perfect experience?

If you really want to get the best from this app, you don’t have to try extra hard. All you have to do is ensure that you select the segment of your choice, search for the program you want and click on it. It will start playing instantly. If you want to see live animal cams, simply click on Menu and then click on Live. You could also go to Animals section of the app to reach these cams directly.

If you want to watch a movie, simply search for it or go to the movies section of the app and scroll through the list to find the one you want to watch. If you want to change the language of the programs you are watching, simply go to the settings of the app and chose any one of the 12 supported languages on the app. It will automatically find programs that match your language criteria and serve them on the home page.

If you like entertainment, there is no other alternative on an Android device but Mobdro. So, download and watch it today. You will love it!


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