Fact or Fiction – Are PDF Files That Easy to Edit?


PDFs are the de facto way to store information for digital projects and with good reason. These versatile files offer password protection, compressed storage, and layouts that stay true to the original on any device. Creating a new PDF from scratch is a breeze. However, is it easy to edit PDFs afterward?

Do You Need Special Software To Edit PDFs?

The answer to whether it’s easy or difficult to edit PDFs depends on the type of tools you have available. It can be hard to make changes to a PDF with programs such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. They simply can’t open the file.

However, there are PDF editors that are designed specifically to work with these documents. They can help you open and modify many PDFs. For example, you can make changes to text or add new images. With the help of these tools, editing any PDF is easy.

Some PDF editors require administrator permission to download and install, such as Adobe Acrobat DC. For employees, that can be tricky. Fortunately, there are free PDF editors available online. With a web-based PDF editor, you can use all of the tools directly in your browser, so you don’t have to install a thing. These tools are accessible from smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices.

Do Free PDF Editors Offer Advanced Tools?

With free PDF editors, you can make a ton of changes to PDF documents. This includes e-Signing, adding and deleting text, and placing new images in the file. You can also perform meta changes, such as merging several PDFs into a single document.

Many free PDF editors give paid apps a run for their money. Instead of paying a pricey monthly subscription for Adobe Acrobat DC Pro, you should look at what you can get for free. For many people, web tools such as PDFSimpli are an ideal choice. Check out the tools available and decide what features you need for your personal projects or business needs.

What Changes Can You Make to PDF Files?

When you discover all of the edits you can make to PDFs, it’s easy to get excited. We’ve put together a list of some of the best tools you can use. They make editing a PDF fast and easy:

  • Add or delete text: You can place new text anywhere you want in a PDF. This is awesome for digital marketing companies that want to include suggestions or “sticky notes” to a PDF before making the finishing touches. You can also delete unwanted text, such as outdated version numbers or sensitive personal data.
  • Modify text with OCR: PDF editors are equipped with the power of Optical Character Recognition. This scans PDFs to identify characters and allows you to change letters, words and entire paragraphs. Instead of creating a brand new PDF, you can make a few smart updates instead.
  • Convert PDF to Word: If you’re editing a lot of text, or you want to use special formatting and fonts, working in Microsoft Word can save you a lot of time. Do you remember that we said you can’t open a PDF in Word? Well, there’s a helpful workaround. You can use a PDF converter to transform PDF files into compatible DOCX files.
  • Convert PDF to Excel: The same OCR technology that lets you edit text can also help you add data directly to Excel spreadsheets. This can help business owners create a digital database of client names, financial records and other important information. You don’t need to type everything by hand — just scan, convert and you’re done.
  • Convert JPEG to PDF: Many smartphones capture photos as JPEG. Being able to convert JPEG to PDF means that you can snap a picture of an invoice and sign it electronically. Then, send the e-Signed PDF directly to your clients.
  • Add photos, videos or charts: If you want to spice up an old PDF, these tools can really bring it to life. PDFs can store videos, slideshows and hyperlinks in the same document. This can help you create amazing business presentations that are always ready to go.

This list just scratches the surface. Playing around with the free tools available can let you customize your PDFs even more. For example, some tools let you change metadata such as author, file name and other characteristics. Others let you split large PDFs into many smaller files for faster mailing. With the right PDF editor, the sky is the limit.

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