The Best Free Beat Making Software For Beginners

free beat making software

Now, it is not difficult to make music because with a lot of music making or beat making software, you can easily create new songs and music without much effort. While you spend a lot of money buying these software, today, we list down a few of them which are absolutely free and comes with a lot of exciting features. So, some of the best free beat making software are as follows-

1. Magix Music Maker

This is one of the best beat making software with a lot of exciting features. You do not have to take much effort while you are producing any music out of it. Other notable features of this software are as follows-

Software Highlights:

  • Free Version Available
  • Compatible with PC Only
  • Instantly Downloadable
  • Easiest software option to start making music fast
  • Tons of online tutorials to help guide you quickly
  • Tons of professional sounds and features included

Program Features:

  • Various included SoundPools (sound packs)
  • 4-8 Virtual Instruments included (depending on version)
  • Audio Recording Functionality
  • Various Effects and Guitar Amp Emulations Included
  • Modular Software (choose the features you want)

2. Image Line FL Studio 20

This is another one of the best software that lets you do a lot of things without even paying a single penny. Some of the notable features of this software are-

Software Highlights

  • Cost: $99.99 – $899.00
  • 4 Different Versions Available
  • Both PC and Mac versions Available
  • Limited Free Trial Available

Program Features

  • Up to 125 Insert/Send Tracks
  • Robust Piano Roll and Step Sequencer for MIDI Programming
  • Fully Featured Mixer With 10 FX Slots per Channel
  • VST Support + Included Plugins/Synths
  • Export Beats/Songs to all Audio Formats
  • Audio Recording Functionality (in certain versions)
  • Automation Control, Compatible w/ Midi Controllers
  • Up to 103 Audio Inputs/Outputs
  • Load FL Studio as Standalone Software or a VST Plugin in Another DAW

What’s New

  • Designed for Use with Multi-Touch Devices
  • Fully Integrated Hardware Controller Options Available
  • They Have a Working Mac Version Now!
  • Powerful Live Performance and MIDI Learn Features
  • Free Lifetime Updates on ALL Editions of Software

The Cons:

  • Not the best for sampling or sample chopping
  • Wack factory/stock sounds (but some plugins are pretty good)
  • “All Plugins” edition is maaaad pricey.
  • Not the best for high-level mixing/mastering or audio recording/editing

3. Native instruments Maschine 2 MK3

Now, if you are looking for an all in one software, then you are at the right place. This is one of the best software that you can use. Some of the notable features of this software are-

Software/Hardware Highlights

  • Cost: $259.00 – $649.00 USD4
  • 3 Different Models Available
  • PC & Mac Compatible
  • Maschine 2.0 Software Available Standalone (No Hardware)

Program/Controller Features

  • 16 Multi-Colored Drum Pads w/ Knobs
  • Large Digital Display
  • 25 GB of Sounds + 25 Pro Effects Bundled With Purchase
  • Seamless Hands-On Control of Every Software Function via Hardware Controller
  • Drag-And-Drop Export of Audio to WAV or Track Out Each Instrument Separately
  • Full VST Instrument and FX Support
  • Hands-On Automation Writing/Control
  • Keyboard Mode, Arpeggiator Control and Note-Repeat
  • Unlimited Number of Instrument Groups, Patterns/Tracks, Scenes
  • Sampling + Audio/MIDI Import
  • Flagship MK3 Edition Includes Audio Interface for Recording

What’s New

  • Pro-grade, 96 kHz / 24-bit audio interface in Flagship MK3 Edition
  • 2 x 1/4” TRS line outputs, 2 x 1/4” TRS line inputs, 1/4” dynamic mic input, stereo headphone output, 1 x MIDI In, 1 x MIDI out; 1 x Footswitch
  • Smart Strip for strumming notes, pitch bending sounds, performing with FX, and more
  • New extra large full-color LED screens
  • Bigger Pads and Updated Look to Controllers (Except Maschine Studio Edition)
  • Includes Komplete Select Instruments and Effects

The Pros:

  • Seamless integration between hardware and software – no mapping different parameters
  • Hands-on hardware control of transport controls, instruments and almost every parameter
  • Plug-and-play functionality and full integration with Komplete instruments
  • Easily export patterns to DAW with drag-and-drop
  • Tons of high quality expansion sound packs available
  • Super fast workflow with minimal keyboard + mouse use needed
  • Works standalone or as a VST plugin in any other DAW

4. Propeller heads Reason 10

This is such software that let you produce music beats with great features and service. Some of the features of this software are

Software Highlights

  • Cost: $99.00 – $299.00
  • PC & Mac Versions Available
  • Self-contained, All-In-One software

Program Features

  • Dozens of Virtual Instruments Virtual Effects Racks Included
  • VST Support
  • Robust MIDI Editor, Arranger and Mixer Areas w/ Complete Channel Strip Control
  • Exports to All Major Audio Formats
  • Unlimited Number of Channels/Lanes Can be Used
  • Compatible w/ MIDI Hardware Controllers
  • Pattern-based Sequencer, Groove Control
  • Time-Stretch, Transpose and Pitch Editing Functions

What’s New

  • New Synths Included: Monotone Bass Synth, Rytmik Drum Machine, Europa Shapeshifting Synth, Grain Sample Manipulator
  • New Sampled Instruments Included: Klang Tuned Percussion, Pangea World Instruments, Humana Vocal Ensemble
  • Even More Included Sounds: Multi-GB Drum/Loop Library, “Radical Piano” Instrument, Synchronous Effects Modulator
  • Multi-Lane MIDI Editing (ex/ program a drum beat using a different “lane” for each drum hit)
  • Improved Navigation + Snap-to-Grid functionality

The Pros:

  • All-in-one solution (you don’t have to spend tons on additional plugins/sounds right away)
  • Simple to use + everything you need on one screen
  • Tons of powerful synths,  and samplers included
  • Import your own samples or use third party VST instruments/effects
  • “Industry Quality” audio engines
  • Audio routing flexibility (mimics hardware “racks”)

5. Drum digital best making software

This software is also one of the best beat making software that offers you a lot of features and thus make your beat making task an easy job. Some of the features of this site are-

The Highlights

  • Cost: $29.99 (one-time cost) + add-ons
  • Mac + PC Compatible
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (June 2019 WARNING: we’ve gotten a couple of emails/comments saying that the customer support is garbage and they don’t respond to customer emails and requests for refunds, so buy at your own risk.)

The Features

  • 16 Track Stereo Sequencer w/ Mixer Controls
  • 12 Pad Drum Machine + 4 Octave Keyboard
  • Audio FX, Built-In Sounds + Import Your Own
  • Export Your Beats To Industry-Standard 44.1Khz WAV Files

6. Sonic producer

It is another such app that offers you a lot of features and comes with a pretty good programming. Some of the features of this software are-

The Highlights

  • One click Facebook page uploads of your beats.
  • 16 Channel Mixer + Sequencer
  • 4 octave piano keyboard
  • 12 programmable drum pads
  • Save unfinished work online
  • Use on Mac or PC.
  • Instructional videos

7. BTV Solo

BTV solo is beat making software that comes with a lot of features such as –

The Highlights:

  • Compact design and easy to use interface that mimics the hardware
  • Flexible software usable on both Mac and PC
  • Built-in mixer, sounds and drum kits
  • Includes a pretty good sample editing tool
  • Comes with 1000 pre-loaded tracks made by professional producers for you to study and chop up.


So, these are some of the best beat making soft ware with amazing benefits and features and offer you the best experience while making beats and producing amazing music. You can choose any of the mentioned above and enjoy the experience. Also, make sure that you install them with care and caution so that computer works in best condition and do effect is there on it.

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