5 Ways to Extend Your Software Development Team

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Are you the one who has got the eyes of investors ready to work with your dedicated Software Development Team? If yes, you have done a great job because finding such investors in this competitive world is pretty hard.

Now, the financing work is not a hectic thing for you, but managing your team might be a significant problem. Software Development Team extension is not as easy for anyone to do, especially in the initial stages.

But wait, some proven ways can allow you to bring quality Software developers to create a proper team extension. In other words, you will be able to follow these ways to complete the projects with loyalty and the help of the right skilled individuals. So today, we will talk about those ways that can help you extend your team without any hurdles.

Ways to extend your Software Development Team:

Hiring the Freelance Software Developers:

Whether you know about it or not, the majority of the famous Software development companies who have a load of work tend to hire the Freelance software developers. They are the ones who provide them with the assistance.

However, you don’t need to make the selection of the team members unexpectedly. In other words, there should be a proper research process when you are hiring a freelancer. Try to get someone who is passionate and suitable for the job. You can check out the portfolio of the Freelance software developers to make the selection decisions wise and beneficial.

Hiring the Freelancer and extending your team is like you don’t have to pay a higher amount to the other person and work upon the project-based commission. In this way, the other person will also try to provide you with the best services and bring you quality work. If they try to implement any fake activities, they will not be going to get the commission.

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Outsourcing your work to other Developers’ Teams:

You have a lot of the projects in the pipeline, and you don’t want to ruin the reputation of your Software development team. In such scenarios, the only thing that can help you outsource the job to another Developer team who is available to work on commission margins.

In other words, the external team of developers who don’t work with you in-house will have to complete the project and deliver it to you so that you can check out the project and deliver it to your client.

The tactic is pretty helpful for you when you want to grow in the market on a higher level within a short period. Apart from that, following this technique can help you save a hefty amount of money you have to pay to the developers who are no less. So, outsourcing is the best option to pre-set your profit margin and gives the remaining to the other developer team head. In this way, you can target two things at one time without facing any loss.

However, you need to be very careful when considering the Developers Team. Ensure that they have a good track record in the market and have already worked on several other software development tasks. In this way, you can quickly provide quality work to the client, and they have no objections to your work.

The hiring of in-house Software Developers:

The above two tips or ways that we have mentioned are for those looking to have the solutions at affordable rates or at least not willing to pay the monthly salaries to the people. However, this way will be the opposite of that.

Suppose you are not worried about paying a hefty amount to the software developers or don’t have any financial issues. In that case, the best option to extend the Software development team is by hiring in-house software developers.

Whether you believe it or not, hiring talented and Experienced Software developers in the team would make your existing team more robust. Although the idea would look expensive, however, it contains a lot of benefits. You can get more projects worth in whooping rates by just implementing this tactic.

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Do non-Technical Work on your own:

You are leading the Software Development team, but it doesn’t mean that you should not be supposed to do the tasks. If you want to extend your team’s abilities, try to help them out by taking the responsibilities of the non-technical work that you have imposed on them.

By doing this, the team member would have only the burden of technical work, and the non-technical work will not be their responsibility anymore. Another fantastic thing about doing this on your own is that it helps the team member focus more on the projects and bring back nominal results.

Apart from that, when you are taking the responsibilities of the non-technical work on your shoulder, the team member will get back the ability to do more work. So, you can cut off the cost of not hiring another developer and increase the number of team members, which is a fantastic thing.

Stay Clear with the Goals:

Regardless of whatever amount of people working in your team, you can never extend your services or the capabilities of your services to satisfy the client when you are not working upon the goals. Yes, clearing your goals is essential for you to do in the Software development business by having the support of a team and acquiring significant benefits from it.

Apart from that, having a clear set of goals in work can help you select who is responsible or better for the job. In this way, you can easily divide the task among the right people, and it will help to finish the work at the right time with quality.

Tips for a more productive Software development Team:

  • Work upon Goals and expectations individually.
  • Give your Developers the authority or chance to focus on the development.
  • Try to invest in the training courses for the team members.
  • Work on Feedback.
  • Try to consider incentives for your Team, so it will help them to provide you with some better outcomes.

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