How does ‘NOWPayments: Crypto Payment Gateway’ Make Money?

What’s the new NOWPayments?


The non-custodial cryptocurrency payment gateway, NOWPayments, helps businesses and individuals to accept bitcoin payments with ease. Users maintain complete control over their assets since NOWPayments is a noncustodial service, meaning it does not store or hold users’ money.

NOWPayments was established in 2019 by the same team that created ChangeNOW, a cryptocurrency exchange business where users can create their now wallet and perform a lot more. Their goal is to simplify the process of accepting bitcoin payments for everyone. NOWPayments is an adaptable and affordable payment gateway that can be used by companies of all sizes, offering support for an extensive array of cryptocurrencies along with a competitive price structure.

What are the Key Advantages of NOWPayments?

Advantages of NOWPayments

Let’s understand a few key advantages of NOWPayments.

  • First off, the APIs provided by NOWPayments are clear, secure, and simple to use. Additionally, a vast array of buttons, widgets, and plugins that may be incorporated in a matter of seconds are available to businesses.
  • Users may swiftly get paid by their clients when they use invoices. This option allows users to track their financial operations in an easy-to-understand manner and has a beneficial impact on how their business is represented. The directions are very easy: enter the order details, choose the currency, and establish the price. Provide a link or QR code with the invoice.
  • With the help of services by NOWPayments, users can convert fiat to cryptocurrency. Users can get cryptocurrencies in exchange for US dollars. To resolve the issue, create an invoice without setting the cryptocurrency, visit the URL, follow the steps, send money, and have the cryptocurrency delivered to your address.

Working of NOWPayments:

Working of NOWPayments

To begin using NOWPayments, simply enter the account information and sign up using the email address. Select the base currency, then add wallet, and generate API. Use the dashboard to transfer and receive cryptocurrency and manage all payments. Moreover, create inclusions using a unique form to email them as links or QR codes to the clients directly.

NOWPayments Money making process:

In addition to processing cryptocurrency payments and charging transaction fees, NOWPayments also offers premium business services and features that provide additional revenue streams. The platform additionally investigates revenue creation via enterprise alliances, tailored solutions, and subscription-based programs for sophisticated payment features. By utilizing its vast cryptocurrency network, NOWPayments generates a variety of revenue opportunities.

Key Attractions of NOWPayments

  • NOWPayments’ node system achieves superior transaction processing efficiency and dependability.
  • With its gambling plugin, it makes cryptocurrency transactions easier for the gaming business.
  • The platform supports a large variety of cryptocurrencies, accommodating a wide range of consumer preferences. It also provides a personal account and a handy on-the-go cryptocurrency app for protection.

How is it BETTER than other Products?

  • Transaction fee is as low as 0.5% (with no upper limit)
  • Crypto-fiat (conversion)
  • Choice to add coins of choice
  • Stable coin backing
  • Wallet support is Non-Custodial

Additionally, users can make money with NOWPayments thanks to the helpful Affiliate program. How does it operate? Let the merchant get familiar with the service, receive $25 in NOW tokens immediately upon the first transaction, and earn passive revenue by collecting 0.2 percent of each retailer’s earnings indefinitely.

1. Security & Performance

Reviews from clients indicate that NOWPayments satisfies bitcoin users’ needs with remarkable efficiency. NOWPayments has no complaints with respect to security.

2. User Experience

Users of NOWPayments enjoy a sleek and very simple user experience. The service features well-organized options in each window and an easy-to-use dashboard on the left. With all the important elements shown at the page (on the top), the website is consistently simple to use.

Integrating our modifiable plugins and buttons into the platform only takes a few minutes. Invoices are one of those choices that is simple to use and helps our clients save time.

3. Pricing

NOWPayments is pleased to provide its customers clear costs, as low as 0.5%. Exchange partners also charge up to 0.5% if any automatic conversion is needed for the transaction.

Does NOWpayments asks for ID and KYC?

Does NOWpayments asks for ID and KYC

Certain operations comprising fiat currencies may necessitate KYC (Know Your Customer) authentication using NOWPayments. This covers tasks like using fiat to charge clients and withdrawing money in fiat. In these situations, the KYC procedure serves to improve security, comply with regulatory standards, and reduce risks related to currency transactions.

However, when it comes to bitcoin transactions, KYC is usually only required in certain situations when there has been suspicious activity. In the cryptocurrency space, NOWPayments places a high value on privacy and anonymity while attempting to balance user confidentiality and security.

Wind Up

NOWPayments is truly the greatest cryptocurrency gateway that streamlines processes for the newcomers to the market to begin receiving digital tokens straight into their wallets. With innovations like NOWPayments, which offer improved regulatory compliance, security protocols, a scalable and instantaneous payment system, and more, the acceptance curve for cryptocurrencies may soon be reaching all-time highs.


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