How to Become a Freelancer?: Top 4 Tips for Success


There are many benefits of being a freelancer, but how can you do it? This guide provides the top 5 tips on how to become a freelancer.

As of 2019, 35% of the United States workforce now freelances full-time! Are you thinking of doing the same?

Whether you’re looking to start a new career or just make some cash on the side, freelancing is more attainable than ever thanks to technological innovations and an increase in companies looking for temporary gigs.

To make the most of your new vocation, we’ve come up with four tips on how to become a freelancer in today’s world. Keep reading to learn more!

  1. Set Work Hours

The best thing about working as a successful freelancer is the total freedom that comes alongside your new gig. You can work wherever, whenever, and however you want!

While that freedom is fantastic, giving your day structure can help you be more productive.

This is especially crucial during your first few months as a freelancer as you figure out your work style.

  1. Have a Designated Workspace

Consider this an extension of our last point. It helps to have a place to work that isn’t your bed.

And that’s not just our take, either. Psychologists believe that working from one’s bed confuses the brain.

Since we associate the bed with rest, our brain thinks it must be time to relax instead of work. The result? Less than stellar productivity.

Instead, find a different place to work, like a desk or even your kitchen table.

Plus, you can write this space off alongside any equipment you use within your workspace when it comes time to pay taxes, which we’ll get into later.

  1. Learn to Market Yourself

You’re far from the only freelancer out there, so you’ll have to market your skills to stand above the competition.

One easy way to do so is by making accounts on popular online job boards. Make a daily habit of checking these sites each day, as new jobs get posted all the time.

You’ll want to create a website, too, to act as a hub for prospective clients. Add a portfolio section to show off your past work and make sure you’ve included contact information so interested parties can get in touch with you.

  1. Budget for Taxes

Everyone always highlights the best parts of being a freelancer like setting your own hours or working in your pajamas. But what they don’t tell you is that you’re about to get buried in freelancer taxes.

Since you’re not paying taxes out of your paycheck, you’ll have to file quarterly under a different set of rules. As such, you’ll end up owing quite a bit of money.

Though you can always get a quick payday loan (view here for more info on how they apply to freelancers) we suggest setting aside money from each paycheck to go toward your taxes.

Likewise, you can also set up a payment plan through the IRS website if you can’t afford to pay everything at once.

How to Become a Freelancer Without Losing Your Mind

Freelancing can be tough work. Follow these four guidelines and you should be able to come up with a budget and work schedule that fits your needs. And don’t forget to show off your work so you can win over new business!

Looking for more tips on how to become a freelancer? We’ve got you covered! Make sure to check out our other content for more freelancing suggestions!

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