How to design YouTube banners that people click?

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YouTube has grown bigger in the last few years. This has happened because of the increase in demand for videos. As people find videos more convenient and realistic than any other form of content, they want more of it. But with more demand, you will experience more competition. So, it is not easy to get noticed on YouTube, especially when everyone (your competitor) is posting the same content as yours. There are many factors that decide whether people notice you on YouTube or not. These factors can be the content of your video, its duration, its title and thumbnail and some of the details of your channel.

Each and every part of your video decides its engagement with people. Like the title and the thumbnail decide if people will even open the video or not. And the content and duration of the video decide if they will watch it till the end or not. In all this, content plays the most important role. Because that is the part for which the audience is actually there. So, this is the first thing that you need to get right.

Now, if your content is good, it will somehow reach to people. But when people randomly come across a video of yours or your name somewhere, they try to explore your YouTube channel. And the first thing they see when they open your channel/profile on YouTube is your banner. It is similar to the cover picture on Facebook. This banner plays a very crucial role, as most of the people decide if they want to go further or not in your profile on the basis of this banner. So, you have to make sure that along with other factors, your banner too, stands out. For this, you can use a YouTube cover creator that will provide you will available templates and editing ideas. You can also follow these tips while designing your YouTube banner to make sure it is nothing but perfect.

Use a good photo editor

YouTube banner is not like any other social media profile picture. It can convert your YouTube channel into a brand. So, to edit the picture, use a good photo editor. Use one that provides you with various options to edit your picture in the right way.

Express better

Do not keep it simple by adding just your picture or your YouTube channel’s name. Make sure that this banner expresses your YouTube channel in minimal details. Like if you are a beauty blogger, then you can add some beauty details or products into the picture. This way, people will be able to get a better idea of your content, just by looking at the banner.

Add text

Just pictures are not enough to express something. Add some text to the image and make it more attractive. If you have a tagline for your channel, then add that into the image and form other details around it. You can also use some photo text editor, to make sure your text format is readable and attractive.


Making a good YouTube banner can help your profile in getting more hits, so make sure you make it more engaging. This way, people who visit your profile, will also subscribe to it and you will become a YouTube star in no time.


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