How To Fix My Canon Is Not Printing

Canon Printer Not Working

If you are facing some difficulties with your Canon printer as it not printing properly. Then read this article providing different ways to solve this issue.

In this modern world with its advanced technology, printers have become essential for printing. Everyone these days wants a hard copy of a document they have saved on a desktop or laptop. One of the best devices that can be used to print, scan, or fax is a Canon printer. But because it is a technical device, it may have a few annoying technical problems when you try to use it.

Canon Printer Not Printing is one of the most common problems that most people run into when they try to print something from their Canon printer. If you use a Canon printer and get the same error message, you should know how to deal with it better. But first, let’s look at why your printer might not be working.

Common Reasons Behind Canon Printer Not Working

Canon Printer Not Working

By troubleshooting the problem, you can find out why your Canon isn’t printing. The software for the Canon printer has a way to fix problems. It will help you figure out what the problem is so you can fix it. Check out the common reasons listed below, then use the tips in the next article to fix the problem.

  • Canon might not be able to print if the paper tray or ink cartridge is empty.
  • Trouble can also be caused by printer drivers that do not work well together or by virtual printer copies. For example, you might have this problem if the driver for your Canon Pixma G2010 printer driver is not up to date.
  • If the computer or printer has been idle for too long or if the internet connection is slow, the printer may go to sleep.
  • If the router or network connection has been changed recently, the printer could stop working and stop printing.
  • The wireless or wired connection between printer and computer could be broken.

Different Methods To Fix Canon Printer Not Working Issue

If you don’t know how to get rid of printer not printing errors on your own, you should keep reading this blog. Below are some of the most effective methods that you can follow in order to fix the printer not working issue within minutes.

Temporarily Disable The Windows Firewall

Windows Defender Firewall helps your computer block viruses while using any outside network. However, some improper settings can also block the communication between the printer and the PC. To fix this, you can disable or turn OFF the Windows Firewall. Follow the steps given below to turn OFF your Windows firewall.

Step1: Type Control Panel in the taskbar’s search bar and then press the Enter key on your keyboard

Step2: On the Control Panel window, change the icons’ design by clicking on the “View by” dropdown menu and selecting the Category option

Step3: Now, click on the System and Security option and it will open a new page

Step4: Over there, click on the Windows Defender Firewall option

Step5: Then, select the “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off” button on the left-side panel

Step6: Check all the circles to Turn OFF the firewall

Once the process is done, try connecting and using your Canon printer again. If you are still facing the same issues move on to the next solution.

Update Your Windows Printer Driver

If you want your Canon printer to work smoothly, it is recommended that you should keep the printer drivers updated at all times. Because outdated or faulty drivers can arise issues like this. To update your drivers, you can follow these steps:

Step1: Search Device Manager in the taskbar and press the Enter key

Step2: On the Device Manager window, click on the arrow icon next to Printer queues to expand it

Step3: Then, right-click on the Canon printer you are using and select the Updater driver option from the context list

Step4: Select the “Search automatically for drivers” option when the pop-up window appears

Step5: Now, wait for some time and let your computer download new Canon drivers for you. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to install those drivers on your computer.

Step6: After completing the installation process, Restart your system and it will automatically change the old drivers with the new ones.

If you feel that the above-mentioned solutions are a bit complex for you. Then you can also update your drivers automatically by downloading the best driver updater software available on the market. These apps not only let you update your drivers with just a single click. But they will also improve your computer’s overall performance.


We hope after following the given instructions, you are no longer facing the Canon not working issue. However, if you still are, then you need to either contact Canon Support or Windows Support for some professional advice. You can also share your thoughts about this informative article in the comments section below.

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